Reaching Beyond Your Limits - The 5th Practice of Mid-Life Revivification

 “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~e.e. cummings Jeez, you ask…how much more can I do?...more
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Would You Be Able to Live Like This?

 LIVING A CONSCIOUSLY HEALTHY LIFE        What is Healthy Living anyway?...more

Is Everybody Doing It?

We Hippies live near Toledo, OH and Handsome Hippie Hubby works there.  Last week we witnessed what happens when world comes to a screeching halt for nearly half a million people when an algae bloom on Lake Erie contaminated the city's water supply.  Residents of the city and many surrounding communities (thankfully not ours) were told not to drink, or even touch, the water coming out of their taps....more

Let There Be Peace On Earth, And Let It Begin With Me

The news is overwhelming these days. I can't remember a time in my own life when so many stories of war and unrest were pouring in from so many parts of the world, simultaneously. It saddens and sickens me to hear the reports. Hundreds have died here. Thousands over there. This country is aligning with that one to defeat the one over there. Killing and more killing. Bloodshed and more bloodshed. An eye for an eye and the world is going blind....more

Take It Seriously

I started off this year with big intentions and then let medical issues, the kids’ schedules, indecision about my goals, doubt about my intentions, and just about everything else hold me in a frozen state of existence.  In my mind I was squashing those doubts but in reality I’d quit moving forward.  Some kind of numbing, disengaging voodoo had washed over me.  Even now, it’s as if I’m detached and going through the motions. ...more


In my blog I talk about sustainable living, eco-friendly products, green fashion, sustainable investments etc. ...more