Can Meditation & Mindfulness Help You Lose Weight?

We all want to feel and look our best, but it’s not always easy when temptation is lurking around every corner. Emotional eating is real and it’s difficult to break the patterns. While eating a balanced diet and exercising helps reduce blood pressure and weight, so can meditation....more

Travel Lightly, Travel Boldly

Look back, at the loneliest times of your life if you are brave enough today. If you were fortunate, you were surrounded by comfort and support. But my guess, because I ...more

May your Glass be Full

Your Glass. It’s not perfect anymore. It shows wear and maybe even a tiny chip somewhere. But it’s yours. Lines have been etched on it from use, from the experiences that have come your way, and it is comfortable in your hand. Like a perfectly fitting glove.Sometimes it is filled to the brim and...more

Take a Breath

She can talk incessantly for half an hour without taking a breath. I’m serious, I checked the clock. It’s my lunch hour and all I want is quiet to read my book.Could you stop talking? I say. ...more

2 Minute Stop

Most of us don't want to stop.It doesn't matter what we're doing, those last two minutes are precious.Just two more minutes, how often has any Mom heard that at bedtime? Do you want two more minutes on your coffee break? Or two more minutes on your steak?  ...more

Be. Prepared. To. Stop.

We're on a roll, we're making progress in our goals, and then out of nowhere. Splat! Disaster! Crisis!We're training for a marathon, and we break our leg.We're scheduled to play the lead in the high school...more

Mindful Monday - Create Space For Silence

Be mindful of the silence you create for your children to speak intoClick here to read more...more

on joyfulness...

For the last few years I've started each day with a written Metta meditation. There are times when it's a struggle, when the day's expectations loom large or the morning is dark, snowy, and cold. But my notebook draws me in. Each fresh page with its twenty-three neat ruled lines gives me focus. And I begin… May I be healthy and strong. May I be safe and protected....more

Mindful Monday - Smile Often

Mindful MondaySmile Often because you and those around you will be healthier and happierClick here to read this post ...more

Yoga and Mindfulness

Every time I step onto my mat, I learn something new.  And usually what I learn through my yoga practice, I can apply to my life off the mat.  Sometimes those lessons are small.  Other times, they are the mind blowing life changing kind of lessons.  In this series, Lessons from the Mat, we will take what yoga teaches us to enrich our life off the mat....more