Why I chose to live away from my parents

A quick chat this morning made me think about why I chose to live away from my parents. ...more

The Smile in My Eyes

Let’s face it divorce sucks!  You go through a variety of emotions, which we won’t delve in to right now. Your life has changed and you are trying to define the new you.  You are pasting a smile on your face, when many days you are sitting behind your office door crying or crying yourself to sleep at night.  There is no time limit on this grieving process.  Eventually though you need to move on.  You need to realize that there is so much that life has to offer. The world is your oyster....more

5 Ways to Set the Stage for Growth

There’s no lack of “growth mindset” articles and quotes out there. Challenge is…After you “get it,” how do you “do it?”Making road for growth is about finding your own groove, so you can set YOUR stage that allows exploration and experimentation....more

45 Ways to Brighten a Bad Day and Make it Better

It happens to all of us. The blues. The mean reds. The no good, awful, very bad days that sneak up and take a hold of you. Those days make me want to run and hide, but that’s usually not an option. Thankfully, there are some simple, sometimes silly, things you can do to brighten a bad day and make it better. The next time life has got you down, give some of these ideas a try…...more

The Fastest Way to Beat Analysis-Paralysis

A couple of Sundays ago I had a bike accident.And I counted myself very lucky…I took a spill at one of those big bad turns descending Panoramic Highway (at -8% grade)…… someone dropped a ball-throwing-dog-stick contraptions lying horizontally across the road, which caught my wheel and caused the accident.I walked away with damages that surprised my riding peeps:...more

The REAL Reason You’ve Been “Throwing It In” Without Getting Paid For It

Have you been performing certain tasks for clients (often just “throwing it in”) and delivering phenomenal results, yet haven’t made it “official” that you’re offering it as a standalone service so you can be compensated for it fairly and squarely?You probably have a dozen reasons why you aren’t doing it (yet.) At least half of which seem VERY convincing....more

How 15 minute clean-ups have saved my day… and my sanity.

From time to time IT happens. We get absorbed into whatever tasks we are doing and all of a sudden the house is a mess. Shoes and slippers are strewn around the living room. Cups on the end table. Couch blankets and pillows falling all over the place. toys here and there. There might still be laundry in the hallway where my youngest left his clothes after changing. Dishes in the sink, or on the counter. Whatever it might be, things out of place and not being utilized drove me nuts!...more

The start of something Beautiful

Our father died two days after my son’s sixth birthday. I was devastated as many are when their father dies. We were left with our mother who soon turned from the woman the held up the moon to the woman who couldn’t tie up her own shoes. In an effort to keep her mind going, my oldest sister and I took her out to different stores. (Do you see the start of it?) At first we picked up a few items to redecorate our mother’s house. (You know, change things around so it wouldn’t be too hurtful for her)....more