Recipe for Minestrone Soup

It's easy to forget that Minestrone soup is actually Italian, it's been a staple in so many countries for so long.  That probably goes some way to explaining the variety you find in the soups, not to mention the quality!  This recipe is pretty classic, but don't let an Italian mama see it, she may differ in her opinion.  Although, I reckon she would love it too....more

Easy Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Today is the last in a series of soup classes I've been teaching at our local community center. It's been a tremendous experience, sharing some home cooking with a group of seniors in the hope of encouraging them to get back into the kitchen to cook healthy meals versus buying processed foods....more

Rainy Day Saturday Soup - aka Veggie Soup (non-dairy)

The Souper Rainy Day Saturday Soup: Didn’t Even Have An Onion (non-dairy base)  Description: A version of Minestrone Soup utilizing fresh veggies on-hand, reaching for pantry items to add into soup stock. The completed soup is built upon staples you have on hand for the day.  Your creative efforts produce a one-of-a-kind soup full of nutritious vegetables, pasta/beans.  Can become a complete meal in a bowl....more