Confession: we don't have any electronic toys

Way before baby boy was born I banned electronic toys. I decided that we would live without the jingling sounds of digital pianos, singing key rings and speaking teddies. Family and friends were informed as politely as possible in an attempt to prevent any "inappropriate" gifts from entering the house. My close friends just laughed: "It's inevitable!" they said. "There's nothing you can do! Your house will be taken over by an army of plastic doo-dahs, gizmos and gadgets that beep and blink every time you bump into them at night. Count your blessings if they have an off switch!"...more

Tips for a Thrifty Baby

Howdy, everyone!...more

Addicted To Tiny House Nation

It seems that everywhere we turn there is a minimalist trend ranging from running shoes all the way to tiny living. This booming trend peaked my interest while reading my latest Entertainment Weekly letting me know of a new show called Tiny House Nation. So, I set my DVR and two days later I was all caught up and fascinated with this tiny house boom!Tiny House Nation Show...more

Comfort and Joy

BEHOLD. I have found THE source for ever-lasting joy: A clean house. ...more

Some Like It Minimalist

I’ve been going through a purge, a cleansing of the soul if you will. Okay, so maybe not my soul but I’m choosing to believe that it’ll be a healthy byproduct of de-cluttering and cleaning out the rest of my life.I’ve become utterly obsessed with the idea of a minimalist lifestyle,   read more...more

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle: doesn't have to be hard or weird!

I would consider myself a minimalist. Maybe not the extreme kind that you've heard of or those families who have an outhouse in their backyard. But in comparison to some, I live a minimalist lifestyle. I don't like clutter. I don't feel that I need to have the latest gadgets and kitchenware. I have no problem parting with clothes and items that hold no use for Hubby and I.  I'm constantly filling bags up for the Salvation Army to pick up. Do all of thoughts and facts make me a minimalist? Not necessarily. I believe that it's a way of life and a conscious thought process....more

Can a Homeschooler Live a Minimalist Lifestyle?

I’ve posted several times over the past few months about decluttering. I’m not talking about just cleaning out a closet. I’m talking about 30+ moving boxes of junk that I’ve moved around the country with me — some of them for 26 years. I have two boxes left that I didn’t get to before I moved again this week. My ex-husband found four small boxes (mostly books, of course) and one large box (only part of the contents were mine) that I left when I moved out. Because I couldn’t find all my stuff because we had too much crap stored in the basement....more

Punk Minimilist

So I thought I would start out with a post on one of the major topics of my bloggingshpere: Minimalism: What this means to me. An essay. Just kidding....more

The Minimalist Dilemma: Utility vs Beauty

Part of simple living is clearing away the objects in your life, most especially in your home, that are quite literally: just taking up space. ...more
I often wish that I could always remember to think, 'would I still want this ten years later? ...more