The Pudding

I know that my family isn’t the only one to have used the expression “the proof is in the pudding” as a way of saying “you’ll know best what’s good to do when you do it and it turns out good”. Aspy that I am, I embraced that idea wholeheartedly … perhaps even letting it get to third base.  Proof. Proof delights me....more

Minimum Wage Hike? I think not!

I keep hearing the debate of raising federal minimum wage in the US and I am baffled by it. I heard about fast food employees going on strike because they feel they are worth more than they are getting paid. These employees feel they are worth more, not because of skill, but because of the company they work for making huge profits. I keep hearing that people should be able to survive off of their minimum wages, but isn’t that the exact opposite of what we stand for in this country?...more

Wages? What Is A Worker Worth

$7.25 an hour should be called a survival wage, not a livable wage or even a minimum wage.Those who are earning $7.25 an hour or slightly higher. Usual depends on such programs as snap (food-stamps) W.I.C housing vouches, and frequents food banks and other services, to survive.With cuts in the safety net programs it makes low income wage earners; life more difficult....more

The Minimum Wage Debacle

When the clock ticks past midnight on New Year’s Eve and the calendar flips over to 2014, the minimum wage here in California will increase by a dollar from eight dollars per hour to nine dollars per hour.You can’t get very far on $8 or $9 an hour, but this is what a lot of us have to contend with, year in and year out, with no relief in sight.  This is what the smiling server at the counter or the drive-through window of your favorite fast food place earns....more

Mine Eyes Have Seen Yon Bullshit

Greetings and God’s blessing upon thee fair readers! How doth it go? It is my hope that all thine household is content and none are wondrous naughty.Doest thou wonder whyfor am I rocking mine tongue olden style? Hark! For I have news!We art now living again in the age of feudal lords, and I did thinkist that we should speak as doth lend us the best ear for the world. Lo, look upon this chart and see thou what I doth mean:...more

New Book 'Behind the Kitchen Door' Exposes the Injustice of the Restaurant Industry

Over the past month or two, my office has been a veritable hotbed of infection. Even some of those who are normally immune to hacking coughs and feverish faces have been felled by the viruses running rampant this flu season. Lucky for us, when one of us is too sick to work, we have paid leave to fall back on, or the flexibility to work from home. This is not so for many restaurant workers in America, which means that when they're sick, they're often on their feet, in the kitchen, preparing food that ends up on all of our tables. ...more
@Butiwantcake That's so problematic. Ugh. Come back and let us know what you think of the book ...more


 A gallon of gas is $4.19That means twenty dollars doesn't even buy five.My car takes 14 to fill.I don't fill it. I only put $20 a time in. The gas tank has a leak so filling results in dangerous and messy outcomes.My commute to work is about 16+ miles each way. That's 32 miles, 5 times a week, 160 miles per work week, weekends not included. My car gets about 10 miles per gallon because it's old and needs work....more
good read michelle....I believe occupying wall st. and other such places is a joke.....a ...more

A Reaction to the Shriver Report: Women's Voices For Change

by Diane Vacca, for Women's Voices For Change ...more

I went through to Women's Voices for Change and read your most excellent article, then ...more

Women Deserve a Living Wage

How many minimum wage jobs must a mom work just to afford basic needs such as food, housing, and health care? Sadly, many women working full-time jobs in America must also face the reality that even though they work full time they are still forced to live in poverty. ...more

Discount Holiday Shopping

I won’t be shopping at Bloomingdale’s this scaled down holiday season. But I’ve discovered many delights exploring the lower end chain stores. Come hungry and start your shopping experience with a chili dog lunch. The good news is – the Imodium is on Aisle 5. You’ll work off that chili dog in no time as you wrestle with your cart, which will only have 2 operational wheels. Don’t even bother searching for a cart with 4 functioning wheels. Just get into your ‘cart workout’. In my neighborhood discount stores, 80% of the help on the floor speak no English. ...more