We went MINING

We made it — we went mining in Arkansas for Spring Break.  It was AWESOME….especially quartz mining!  The Gingers LOVED it…LOOOVVVVEEEDD IT.The quartz mining was the best — they take you to the top of a mountain.  Leave you with a cellphone and a first aid kit.  They pick you up, in the back of a truck, in 2 hours....more
I'm so glad you came back to say how it went. I read your post saying you were going to do and I ...more

Gearing up for Mining Spring Break

We are going mining, in Arkansas, for Spring Break.  How excited are my boys???  NO WAY TO MEASURE.Quartz mines….a diamond mine.  Epic for 2 Gingers.  EPIC.Yes, I’m Mother of the Year.  I’m going to Arkansas to dig in the dirt for a couple of days for the love of my boys.  They have BIG dreams of digging up the “BIGGEST DIAMOND EVER FOUND”.  They have been reading their rocks and minerals books.  Imagining what gems they might find.  Wondering if they will find “$1 MILLION GEMS!!!”Now…for the reality –...more

What impact does mining have on the environment?

Waste from gold and other kinds of mining pollutes the planet. ...more

Guerrillas, Freemasons, Rastafarians and Me: 60 days in Central America

I was just too tired to meet Subcomandante Marcos, masked revolutionary/spokesperson for Mexico's Zapatista movement, (EZLN). Besides, he's notorious for standing people up. My trip was already Jewel of the Nile-meets-Blood Diamond, and I wasn't going to go trekking blindly through the backwoods of Chiapas, after a 24-hour bus ride from Mexico City, to add a documentary to the mix. I needed to catch my flight home and sleep for a very, very long time. ...more