The one where I get a sports car

Funny story that is, the one where I get a sports car, that hasn't happened yet!  I, in fact, am celebrating the one year anniversary of our new Sienna Minivan. Yep last November our family became the proud owners of "BatVan". (The name you ask, well I name my cars, I have had Joan Jetta and Santa Fe Rey!)...more

I Got a New Minivan: Hear me roar.

I Got a New MinivanHear me roar. I know I've been whining a lot lately about needing a new van. You all have been patient with me. But the whining is over. At least the whining about THE VAN is over. Because Momma got a new van!!! It all happened so fast! One minute I was whining about it and the next I was driving away from the car dealership in my sweet ride. I told someone today that I got a new minivan. They literally had to stifle a snort.  ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 5: That Minivan Is Trying to Get Me

S.Hooligan and J.Hooligan with the minivan that tries to kill me....more
Yikes! I think I no longer suffer from mini van envy! It would have got me the first day brought ...more

Dear Me Ten Years Ago

 Dear Me Ten Years Ago, ...more


If only we could really talk to our former selves, eh?

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Cars have a personality?

Monday Musings: {cars have a personality?}...more

Minivan rap

I drive a minivan. There. I've said it.Maybe you think that's not cool. I'll try not to hold that against you. I happen to think that SUVs, which are less fuel-efficient than my minivan, aren't cool. I hope we can still be friends.Toyota has come out with this video ("Swagger Wagon"), proving that we minivan parents are, in fact, demonstrably cool. See for yourself. (Yes, it's an ad. No I'm not getting paid to show it. It's just really funny.)Cross-posted from Working Moms Break....more

September Giveaway: Name My Minivan to Win Stuff From Japan

I’m excited to announce that the monthly giveaway of care packages from Japan has officially begun on my blog! (If you're new to my blog, Welcome! ) Why I am I doing this? Because there are way too many awesome things here in Japan to hoard to myself. I had to find a way to share! ...more

A Mom and Her Minivan.

I turned thirty the same day I bought a minivan.  Let's just say I was less than thrilled.  In my twenties I envisioned my 30th birthday celebration being a party with friends, an exotic getaway, or maybe a romantic evening with my husband.  Instead, I found myself with a three year old, a one year old and a baby on the way, at the car dealership picking out the very car I said I would NEVER buy.  When the car salesman asked me what color minivan I wanted, I laughed out loud and said, "Really, does it matter, its a minivan!".  He kindly went over the many features it had to o ...more

A Completely Hypothetical Parenting Dilemma


Not Hypothetical but truly FUNNY as HELL!!! 


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What does the inside of your car look like - CONTEST!

Let's just come clean people. If you were to go out to your car right now, what would you find? I have decided to to come clean with my DMV. Dirty minivan. I was tempted to stage my vehicle to make myself feel like a better person, but decided to leave it as is. ...more