3 best minivans 2016 - 2017.

Knowledge is power and there are many important things you need to know and consider before buying a car (like shopping around before, looking at the financial options and of course, the best characteristics of the type of car you are looking for....more

What Your Birthday Gifts Say About You

My birthday was last week, and I had a few highlights in the gift department I wanted to share with you all.First, my daughter gave me this:...more
@Denise It's maybe my husband's best idea ever. I've been going out of my way to drive places ...more

My Minivan Isn't Cool, But My Music Video Is

It has been a long time coming, but the deed is done. I told my husband to just look at it like ripping off a band-aid. He still wants to throw up a little in his mouth every time he sees it, but I am not going to pretend I feel anything but that a destiny in my life has been fulfilled.We got a minivan....more

I Ditched the Minivan.

Our minivan came into our life by necessity. I wasn't thrilled, but I complied with the minivan acquisition as I was pregnant with my second child and knew we needed something bigger than my Honda CR-V. But three years later I came to realize something VERY important: I make bad decisions when I'm pregnant....more
@desbranmom It's a tough call - it's hard to beat the room and practicality of a minivan. I had ...more

(VIDEO) BlogHerMoms Giggle: I Saw Her Be Happy

Do your kids go from capricious to crankalicious when they get in your car?...more
@sashaundercover I've been there a few times but don't follow it regularly. This was a funny video.more

Minivans vs SUVS: Are Automatic Doors Really Life-Changing?

My sister-in-law, recently in the market for a new vehicle, posed this question on her Facebook page: Leave me your opinions about minivans vs. SUVs.The response was shocking. More than 80 (!) posts came in from her friends and family touting the fabulousness of both minivans and SUVs....more
I ditched the minivan for a Subaru Forrester a decade ago. Sure the kids have to SIT NEXT TO ...more

Five Ways Suburbia Has Let Me Down

When we moved out of the city, I had certain hopes about our lifestyle.I was so, so wrong in a number of areas:1. The Olive Garden: I have always loved the OG. When I'd visit my friends outside of the city, I'd always drag them out for soup, salad and breadsticks. Free refills, yo. But here's the thing - When you get out here full-time, you realize… It isn't actually that good. ...more

Minivans, Magical Creams and the Mommy 15

I'm having a bit of blogging block.  So I'm posting something I wrote about two years ago, before I started blogging.  Happy Thanksgiving! I knew I was getting older when, looking back at 2008, I realized my favorite purchases of the year were our seven-passenger Dodge Caravan and a facial cream called “tight, firm and fill.” Sure, I may just be one birthday past...more

Not all moms drive minivans

I feel like there's this really cool mommy club that I'm not a member of: the minivan club. I was pushing my grocery cart (you know, the cute one that looks like a car that has -- conveniently -- two steering wheels) through the store parking lot the other day, and quickly realized I was the only mom not pushing my bags and boys toward a minivan. I have long resisted owning a minivan; in fact, before I had kids I flat out refused to believe I would be caught dead driving one around town. ...more