The Invisible Rising American Electorate (RAE) Missing in Polls

After watching the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, I thought to myself women and minority voices are not heard enough in the media as it relates to our concerns during this election. Most of the media’s feedback is from a male perspective, as if they are the only ones that have a perspective on anything....more

Minority Report: AHHHHHHH! More Non-White Babies!!!

It was actually not much of a shock to find out there were more non-white babies born last year. But cool to see it all over Twitter and Facebook. Because you know, my babies were born last year. I was celebrating that a bit, although, apparently not so many people were excited about it. Not that I’ve actually seen articles expressing wringing-of-the-hands, “What are we going to do now?” but there are some subtly negative responses and the implications are interesting. But, probably again not much of a shock....more

I'm Asian, and I'm Going Camping!

This Labor Day weekend, I’m heading to Yosemite National Park with my family for a weekend of camping, hiking and swimming. Every summer, we spend several days camped out in a national park – no Internet, TV, cell phones, or electricity....more
@Shannon LC Cate That's a good point about racism and homophobia en route to the ...more

Adding a Woman to the Supreme Court is Simple Math

By Liz O’Donnell As the search for a Supreme Court justice to replace David Souter heats up, political pundits and analysts are talking about what litmus test, if any, President Obama might apply when vetting a nominee. But scientific metaphors are not needed in this situation -- basic math skills are. ...more

Minority Media & Marketing

Straight from a 1963 interview with Leonard Evans, founder of the Negro National Network and the 'Tuesday' supplement. ...more