Academic job hunting: Unicorn status

Last year, I felt like I’d just won the lottery. (If the lottery involved seven years of graduate study and three cycles of churning out 100+ page job applications by the dozen.) This year, I feel like a magical unicorn....more

Top 3 Factors in Surviving the Cancer Caregiver/Widow Journey

The New Jersey fam and I went ice-skating earlier this week. First time the three Ugandan-born grandchildren have ever been on skates. Of any kind. First time they've seen ice this big.I was caregiver for all six kids last week while The Parents celebrated their 20th anniversary in Disney World. (Yes, they went to Disney World without their children.)...more

ripe tomatoes & prayers answered suddenly

I witnessed the fullness of a miracle this morning, and it came right on time for me.I am broken-hearted right now, frustrated, hurt, almost paralyzedby too many life changing worries at once.And I desperately needed to see that God is still in control.He reassured me this morning, and I am so grateful....more

Create Miracles Now

Mike Robbins...more

Future History - 5 steps to manifest what you want

These days a lot of people are getting into law of attraction, causing miracles and cosmic ordering.  But, I was really interested to discover that, the greatest boxer of all time, Mohammad Ali used visualisation throughout his boxing career.  He referred to his process of visualisation as “Future History”...more

What A Crazy Life

No matter how much you prepare for what the day brings, something happens that changes your plans. You are at the mercy of the universe as to the direction your life is going. Some days it seems as if you have everything under your control. You look at your calendar and know exactly what you're going to be doing. Everything is as it should be. Then before you know it, the day turns into something more than what you could have imagined. There was no way that you can plan when the universe steps in....more

In The Midst of Storms

Life's been rough lately. I needed a writer's get-away. Truth is, I just needed to get-away. Escape. Change this rut of sadness I seem to be in. I packed a half of a peanut butter and jam sandwich, a cheese stick and a thermos of something to drink. I grabbed my notebook, pens and camera and off I went....more

Make Your Body Ripe For Miracles

You may know that your body is brilliantly equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that repair broken proteins, kill cancer cells, fight infections, retard aging, and generally keep your body healthy. But did you know that these self-repair mechanisms can be flipped on – or off – with the power of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that originate in the mind?It’s not New Age hocus pocus. It’s simple physiology! Here’s how it happens for the nerds among you who, like me, like to understand how things in the body work....more

Miracle Believing Mommy

Luke 1:37 'For with God nothing will be impossible.' Mary was approached by the angel Gabriel with the message that this virgin woman was about to conceive the Son of God. Now stop and imagine yourself in Mary's shoes. She, like any woman would do in this situation, asked 'How?!'. Gabriel reassured her, 'For with God nothing will be impossible.' Wow. NOTHING?? Really God?? YES! Isn't that exciting?!...more

Keep Calm And...

I was in a really dark and b...more