Olympic Champion Yu-Na Kim Falters, Loses Crown to Rival Mao Asada

I always enjoy the World Figure Skating Championships just following the Olympics because the Olympic champions typically drop out and there tends to be a surprise winner in Olympic years. In 2006, American Kimmie Meissner came from a 6th place finish in Torino and won Worlds. This year, Worlds was back in Torino following the Vancouver games, unusually with all of the top ladies from the Olympics except Joannie Rochette contending for gold. ...more

New U.S. Figure Skating Champion Crowned and Ready to Lead Ladies to the Olympics

Last night, the top American ladies took competitive ice for the last time before the Olympics. With only two spots available on this year's team and arguably at least six skaters who could place in the top ten in Vancouver, it was all about who would skate cleanly, perform her best and rack up the most points. And as always, the unpredictability kept the audience on their feet. ...more

As I watched  Mirai Nagasu skate her long program, she was so beautiful. passionate, ...more

New U.S. Figure Skating Champion Crowned & World Team Named After Incredible Ladies Free Skate

It was quite an evening. Due to the time lag on the "live" TV coverage, those of us on the West Coast didn't see the event until 3 hours later, so before the ladies began, I checked out the results. Normally I wouldn't do that, but I wanted to find out so I could prepare for writing this post. My reaction - Wow. I love figure skating competitions. You just never know what will happen. Out of the top ten skaters in the Senior Ladies division at Nationals, at least eight could be major contenders internationally. Unfortunately, we can only send three. ...more

It's quite amazing. After all that happened with the ladies, the men took the ice and the two ...more

Figure Skating Spotlight – U.S. Nationals Short Program Surprises

To be the best figure skater in the nation requires passing approx. 20 skating tests, ranking in at least that many competitions, practicing for thousands of hours on and off the ice, spending oodles of money for ice time, custom designed skates and costumes and top notch coaching, it takes the right choice of music and choreography, an intense sense of discipline, and unlimited motivation before skaters make it even to the qualifying events before going on to Nationals. ...more