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Faith is something I am not accustomed to  Trusting other people's something I don't really love to do  I've never been a fan of it, I act tough but  Really my shoulders they ain't built for this and I don't have nothing ...more

Why We Should Talk About Miscarriage

This week marks 5 years since our miscarriage.My pregnancy loss was the first really difficult thing (besides my mom’s early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis, of course) that I experienced without her support.Yet, it made me feel closer to her because I knew she had walked that path....more

Struggling with the Guilt that I Didn't Know Would Come with a Miscarriage

Struggling With the Guilt That I Didn’t Know Would Come With A Miscarriage...more

Thank You, Mark Zuckerberg, For Using Your Platform to Talk About Miscarriage

Mark Zuckerberg is going to be a father. His wife, Priscilla Chan, is pregnant, and they announced it on Facebook yesterday with the now ubiquitous photo of Priscilla's grinning face and their totally adorable dog. ...more
Great post @stirrupqueen. What a mitzvah from this high-profile couple. A great example of the ...more

A Dad's Perspective on Miscarriage

I get asked quite often why there is a big age gap between kids 2 and 3. There is a 5 and a half year’s difference and people seem to be curious as to why we began our journey through babyhood once again. When I’m asked, I usually smile and say simply, “timing was right.” I don’t mind the question and it is simply a way for parents to keep a conversation going. But the truth is, there wasn’t supposed to be such a big gap…...more

miscarriageCARE: 15 Emotions Those Who Miscarry May Feel

What does a woman feel when she miscarries? ...more


I got that phone call yesterday we had been waiting on for almost 6 weeks.  The OB's office had received our chromosomal testing back from the baby.  I had been waiting on and dreading this moment since the day we found out the baby had passed away....more
So very sorry for your loss.  I love the name you choose.  It's beautiful and I hope that naming ...more

5 Things I Didn't Know About Miscarriages Until I Had One

  We have had 4 “first” ultrasounds. Three of which ended with the nurse calling the doctor in to meet with us. I have never really talked about the third one. To anyone. It was probably the most painful, hopeless, and helpless ultrasound I’ve had.   ...more

Ending the Silent First Trimester

About a week before Christmas, I had a weird encounter.  One afternoon as I sat on the couch, my four year old came up to me, cupped her hands around her mouth, bent down by my stomach and said "Hello!  Is anybody in there?!" then giggled and ran away.At the time I thought it was strange, but she is my silly one.  As it turns out, though, it wasn't just a silly moment.  There IS somebody in there....more

When You Meet Someone Who Also Lost a Twin Daughter

I recently became friends with a mother on my daughter’s cheerleading squad. There was an instant affinity between us, though we had little enough in common. She’s the mother of five; I have two. She works full time; I stay at home. She has an au pair (a real one, from a foreign country and everything); I don’t even know a neighborhood kid that I could call to babysit. But we bonded anyway, over the shrill yells, mistimed choreography, and the joy of watching our daughters be a part of a team. And one day, we bonded over something else. ...more
sunnysideshlee Thank for your kind words. I appreciate it.more