What Nobody Tells You About Miscarriages

When miscarriage strikes, nobody hands you a fact-sheet with what to expect in the aftermath.   It certainly would have helped....more

Buckets of Hope - Surviving Multiple Miscarriages

This week, I had my third miscarriage. According to the numbers, 1-2% of women will experience 3 or more miscarriages. Not really something I would have chosen to be an overachiever on, if I’d been the one making the decision.It’s a truly humbling experience, and the grieving is exhausting. I go back and forth between being numb, then jealous of others who seem to get pregnant at the drop of a hat, then angry, then feeling more than a little sorry for myself, then numbness again.  Not pretty emotions to contend with. It’s embarrassing. ...more
@ahundredaffections Thank you so much :) I did a bunch of research on Friday about becoming a ...more

Our TTC Story, Part 3: Downhill

Photo Credit: Molumen (See Part 1 and Part 2 here) ...more

Genetic Testing in Pregnancy with Amnio, CVS & NIPT

Genetic testing in pregnancy with Amnio and CVS carries risk of miscarriage, but what about the non-invasive tests that most women have that lead to the recommendation to have an Amnio or CVS?Right now, genetic testing in pregnancy is undergoing a seismic shift. There are many different tests that are offered to pregnant moms to screen for genetic conditions. These combined and integrated screens rely upon a combination of ultrasound plus a series of blood tests for pregnancy hormones and proteins....more

After Miscarriage: 5 Stages of a Missed Due Date

There is no right or wrong way to be sad. We all know this. I also know that there are some kinds of sad that are not talked about as openly as others. Working on my grief for this miscarriage has been both short and long. It vanished for several months, but as the due date for Tartan approaches I am overwhelmed with deep sadness. ...more
The due date totally took the wind out of me. I had managed to completely forget about it until ...more

Research and development of a new therapy to prevent infertility and miscarriages

Hello Folks! I had 8 miscarriages while trying to build my family.  The entire ordeal lasted years and was unspeakable agony (ultiamtely we did have 2 kids).  I want to help others so they can have a healthy baby, without all of this suffering. So, being a scientist, I invented a therapy to prevent this from happening to other peoiple, and my husband and I started a company called Pregmama whose purpose is to develop this therapy and bring it to the patient....more

The Miracle of a Little Life that Almost Wasn't

This is the story of how my youngest child almost didn’t exist. He wouldn’t be here today if I had followed my doctor’s advice. She admitted she was wrong. I wonder how many other times she and her colleagues have made such a grievous error....more
Thnk u for ur testimony my faith is increased n i declare my pregnancy healthy! In JESUS name!more

Until it Happens to You

  I realize it is a bit unorthodox to write about things that are painful.  But I promised myself, and those who read these posts, that I would ke...more

The Angel On My Shoulder

Her ghost is the angel on my shoulder, a sweet shadow that slips around my consciousness and begs me to forever hold her memory against the beating of my heart.  She hangs, suspended there on the edge of my peripheral, and I remember her in uncharted moments of weary almost-sleep or unguarded contemplations on the moon.  "I would be seven now..." her whisper carries along the yellow-dash highway as we weave home through midnight darkness and I try to catch her and hold her like I never could but she is always and forever beyond my finger tips - a breath away. ...more