from two lines to one

from two lines to one I don't know if it's because it's been a year on Saturday, or if it's because we should have a three month old in this house, or if it's because my mind is quiet and the sadness of our miscarriage is seeping back in. ...more

Poking Holes in Condoms: the Story of How I Became a Mom

I snapped reading a novel with a pregnant character.  I got up and searched through my jewelry box for the pointiest pin I could find, grabbed the condoms and poked holes in them.  Just like the holes I felt inside of me. Looking at those holes in the silver wrapper was a big wake up call for me.  I hid the condoms under tissues in the bathroom garbage can and sobbed.  I'd been hiding my feelings for so long....more
Meh. Yet another faux childfree male, making it harder for childfree people to be taken seriously. more

My Silent Shame No More

There is a silent shame that exists among women in an epidemic proportion.  One that does not need to exist in today's society.  A silent shame that affects women all over the world regardless of race, religion, age or socio-economic conditions.  A silent shame that brings nothing but heartbreak, sadness and devastation.  A silent shame that can rob a woman of her ability to believe in herself as a 'true' woman.    A silent shame whispered about all over the world.  A silent shame known as the heartbreak that is miscar...more

Silent Suffering

At a recent girls’ brunch, a friend I’ve known for years, shared unexpectedly, in a very emotional moment, that she had experienced a miscarriage earlier in the year. She explained that although she had wanted to tell us girls about it, she was hesitant since miscarriage is still such a taboo subject in our society....more

No grandma this time.

My daughter lost the baby. If I’m brokenhearted, imagine how bad Abby and Tim  feel....more
Thank you for your kind words.more

A Tale from the Dark Side - Miscarriage Part 3 of 3

Continuing on from Parts 1 & 2 wherein I experienced several miscarriages, one healthy pregnancy resulting in the birth of our beautiful boy Ender and finally passing the 3 month mark on a second baby boy. If you missed them, please read Part 1 and Part 2. Thank you.-----------------------...more

Bag of Hope

I open the door to an almost empty waiting room. "Can you sign in here please?" Why is there nobody here? This can't be a good sign. I sign in, hand the receptionist my necessary cards. "Oh, I talked to you yesterday, didn't I? You've been having some problems, right?" Girl, I got problems you don't even want to know about. "Fill these out and we will be right with you." Why is there nobody here? Omg, is that him? He's ancient. Not a good sign. "Carrie? You can come on back." ...more

Overcoming (Multiple) Early Miscarriages

My husband Josh and I do not tell people when we are trying to get pregnant or talk specifics with anyone other than each other.  It's a very personal matter to us.  And while some people began asking "When are you going to have more kids" as soon as our twins turned one, we never told them what we talk about behind closed doors.  We just aren't "those" people.  So, to write a blog post about not only our recent attempts to get pregnant, but also our losses is really hard and makes me feel slightly awkward to do so, but, we're trying to keep things real on our blog. ...more
Thank you thank you thank you. Six years ago I lost my son and until today I haven't written ...more

It Happened to Me, Too (By Casey)

Today, my husband opens up in this post about our miscarriage and infertility. Please visit our blog at; he writes every Saturday. *** ...more

Injuries put us on our guard~ Latin Proverb

I’d never been one for writing prompts until last year and #reverb10. It was an interesting exercise to be required to write on a topic. It’s something I did with students while interning as a wanna be secondary English Teachers (which I found out, I don’t actually wanna be—I like, no—love– teaching technology to teachers and students, troubleshooting, making things go).We did things called just writes—grab a topic out of a jar and write about it for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, more. Just write....more