A Tough Way to Realize You're Childfree

The childfree know that there are lots of ways we come to this decision. Many of us know early in life, and many come to the decision over time for a variety of reasons....more

Reflections On Time

They say that time heals all wounds, but this is not true. Time changes our responses, our vulnerability, our ability to see things from a different angle. But the wound is always there....more

Two years after losing a child, still tormented by my secret

I am pregnant, about 8 months along and I love to feel my hands around my growing belly. I love to feel her move, every new part of this pregnancy makes me giddy. Everything is good, for the first time in my life I do not feel the least bit anxious, guilty or depressed. I feel no stress only blind confidence. I am so happy I could burst. When I get into my doctors office she says "you're not pregnant. I'm sorry there must have been a mistake on our part." I wake up feeling my flat belly, feeling so alone it hurts....more

Being Able to be a Mom - Our Adoption Story

There was a question that I had to ask on one profile about myself that got me thinking, "What do you like about being a mom?" I thought about it and the answer that immediately came to me was, "Being ABLE to be a mom!" Being a mother is something that I always wanted to be. I had my life planned. I wanted to be married at 21 and work and then start my family at 25. I don't know where I got those numbers from. They were probably pulled from personal family experiences....more

The Monthly Rollercoaster

I'm not ready to use the word "infertile" - because I don't know that for sure. But as a 41 year old lesbian, my journey is very similar, but also quite different....more

Miscarriage For Family Or Facebook?

I always say I joined Facebook at the perfect time in my life. It was December 2007, I was about to turn 30 and I was engaged to be married. Not the least bit salacious. If Facebook had been around when I was a teenager, I'd fear for my future. Let's just say that restraint wasn't one of my strong suits in high school and neither was discretion. Besides incriminating photos of me doing a keg stand or a bong hit, I would have been just the kind of girl to have a very public breakup on my wall....more

Move Over Abortion, Miscarriage = Jail Time

Apparently I am causing quite the stir online tonight. However, I will not apologize for this ...more


I originally posted this on my blog as part of the prompt for The Red Dress Writing ClubI could never have imagined that it would happen to me. Never in a million years. Not me. Not ever....more

Things Not To Say to a Woman who has just lost a Baby

After losing Baby Teysko, we received a huge amount of sympathy cards and emails, and people were incredibly gracious, kind, and understanding. There were a few well-meaning souls who really shouldn't have said anything, though, because even though their intentions were to be helpful, they were some of the most callous and stupid things I've heard....more

Preparing for a Stillbirth

I hang out a lot on the grief board of a pregnancy website.  Not as much as I used to, though.  When we first lost Baby T, I was on that board every hour, checking messages, finding others who had gone through the same thing, reassuring myself that this pain could be dealt with, lived with, and that I could move on....more
I signed up just so that I could comment on this post. Thank you so much for sharing your ...more