The next few weeks seemed like an eternity. The day after my argument with Pete, I struggled to concentrate at work – one of the Dental surgeons, Dr. Satvi, had come down to the lab to discuss a possible training event.“We are interested in holding another training event for the Oral Surgery department, next month. Can you pull that together?”“Well, don’t you normally contact Dr. Former?”“Yes, but she told me to come down here and ask you to handle it.”“Oh, okay. Definitely. What are the dates you were looking at? Here’s a request form.”...more


As personal choice, I shun blackberries. I would like a smartphone, but I detest iPhone's limited network (Indonesia's version of iPhone is restricted to a provider I dislike). I am aiming for a Tab. Buuut.. well, the budget is not there yet. :-/  Anyway....more

I wonder if he’ll call?

I have been pondering if women hold on to things longer than men do or not. For example, if you have plans with someone and he is running a little late and hasn't called, how long do you wait until you’re sure he just isn’t coming?…does 10-12 years seem extensive?…I agree that this may seem like a long time to be standing by the door in an outfit with your hairdo slowly going out of style, but you have to admit that if he said he would call, it seems logical that he is going to! The other question is: Do guys plan their bad behavior or is it unintentional? ...more