Why Do Autism "Experts" Say Such Awful Things?

“There is no human life that is more sacred than another—every human life is sacred.” - Pope FrancisYou want to break my heart? Show me the latest mainstream media piece about autism written by or featuring quotes from a non-autistic autism expert. Almost without exception, that expert is going to say something that self-righteously dehumanizes, endangers, invokes pity for, or degrades my autistic son. My beloved, delightful, innocent son—who has done nothing to deserve such scorn.Maybe you can understand, now, why my heart never stops breaking. ...more
shannonrosa ObservatoriumF In advertising, sex sells. In science....fear. It doesn't have to be ...more

What Hitler Didn't Write and Washington Didn't Say

I hope I can write this post without sounding too terribly self-righteous. I also hope these keyboard indentations on my forehead start to fade soon. Please, please, please, people. I beg you, whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you believe, whatever stance on whatever major social or political issue you feel compelled to promote please, take the five or ten minutes it takes to check a fact or quote on the Internet before passing it along....more

Three Co-sleeping Myths