“Femininity is for Sissies”: or, the Queering of Forced Feminization

When I was working as a professional Domme, I got a fair number of requests from men who want to be “sissified”, “forced” into frilly girly undies and makeup and turned into an “objectified slut”. Sissification is one of those things I encounter often, both in the Femdom scene and the AB/DL scene, and while I love the dresses, I wonder about the intention behind this kink. I find it all kinds of problematic on multiple levels. ...more
Well said. Misogyny still permeates our culture, sometimes in hidden ways.  Come visit my site ...more

Sexism Is as Sexism Does

I had two friends debating yesterday, from differnt sides of the political divide, about the prevalence of misogynist asshats in each political party. I saw where each one was coming from, I really did....more

Kimberly Hall wants you to stop making her baby boys have naughty thoughts

A post written by Kimberly Hall, the Director of Women’s ministry at All Saints PCA in Texas, has recently gone viral. It is everything I could ever dislike about a post wrapped in the bacon of blind hypocrisy....more

Why It's OK to Get Upset by the "Little Things" When it Comes to Sexism

Every morning I start my day by blearily stumbling into the kitchen and prodding the power button on my kitchen radio (yes, I still have a radio)....more
You're right; society and gender norms are going downhill and have been centered more for the ...more

Dear Wil Wheaton - Only YOU Can End Mansplaining

Hi Wil,I know, I know, this is the second open letter I’ve written to you in, like a month. And I know, you didn’t even read the first one, even though I poured my heart and soul into it, and tweeted about it extensively (and by extensively, I mean “obnoxiously”)....more
@Denise I dunno, MAYBE HE WILL (probably not though)   And thanks! I told my husband to thank ...more

How The Oatmeal Turned Me Into A Humourless Feminist

There’s this comic from the Oatmeal that’s been making the rounds on my Facebook feed. It’s called My dog: the paradox, and it’s basically a sequence of short vignettes about how stupid and crazy (but ultimately loveable) this dude’s dog is....more

Female Misogyny- Time To Take Back Our Relationships With Each Other, Ladies!

“Girls just don’t like me.”...more

The Good News for Karen Klein (and Us) After Her Bus Ride from Hell

By now, many have heard about the four seventh-grade boys who mercilessly taunted and humiliated a 68-year-old bus monitor, calling her “fat,” “disgusting,” and saying her family killed themselves because “they couldn’t stand being around her.”  She sat almost motionless, doing her best to ignore her tormenters.  Her son had, in fact, killed himself ten years earlier.  Ms....more
While you posted this awhile back, I am reading this post Ms. Klien episode and fresh Colorado ...more

Fight Misogyny! Send this Letter to your Radio Stations!

(Want to write a letter to your local radio station about not tolerating hate rhetoric towards women but don't have the time? No problem! First, go here: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/stations/all_stations/ and find your local station. Then fill in the blanks below. It's so easy!) Good afternoon [program director], Regardless of how you feel personally about the contraception issue, referring to a woman--any woman--as a "slut" is so far beyond the realm of acceptable speech that outrage can't begin to describe it. Rush Limbaugh's hate-mongering has been evident for some time, but in a world where we would not tolerate broadcast racism, we must also not tolerate misogyny. ...more