5 things I hated about the movie Gravity

 Accurate description of Gravity: A 90 minute...more

Relax Your Mind: Meditate

Meditation is something that I instantly shot down whenever I heard about it. I was judgmental and entirely too reliant and trustworthy of traditional medicine.But there came a time when I woke up. I’m not sure why it happened, but I realized that this roller coaster ride of starting and stopping medications all the time just wasn’t going to work any longer....more

Misophonia: Noises that Annoy You

Constantly annoyed by noises? There's a name for that: misophonia.  It's a neurological disorder that causes people to cringe at certain sounds.  The Unextreme shares all the sounds that annoy her, from clicking pens to dishes clinking together. As she so succinctly explains in regards to misophonia: "We don’t hate every noise. But the ones we do hate, we don’t take lightly." I love the post because it's great to have a word to describe that feeling of annoyance that swells in your chest as someone repeatedly makes the same noise next to you. ...more
I fear my issues are mixed with my concepts about the noise that bothers me.   So, it's not just ...more

Learning from Twitter

There's a saying, 'Every Day I Learn Something New'.  This seems to be a theme in my life, especially at work.  Since I work at an electronics store there is always something new to learn.  ...more