UPDATE! Help Find Lillie!

 Lillie has been found!!!! Thank you for the prayers! http://www.wbtv.com/story/28584531/missing-teen-may-be-in-contact-with-someone-she-met-online...more

Missing Child Jessica Ridgeway

Jessica Ridgeway, a 10 year old girl from Westminster, CO is missing as of Friday, October 5th 2012.She was last seen walking to school Friday October 5th.Jessica never made it to school.Westminster police have one good lead.Her back pack was found the next day in a neighbor in Superior, CO (about 20 minutes away).So far this is all I know per the local news station....more

My Daughter Got Lost in the Boston Subway

I only let go of my child’s hand in the Boston subway for TWO SECONDS (I swear) to point out a feature on a map to my husband. We turned to see a train’s doors closing and pull out. Oh no! What line was that? Did she get on it? Was she nearby? We called her name, and no answer. We were jostled by the afternoon crowd. ...more
 @atunheim  I'm glad he didn't decided to get up in the middle of the night and use the restroom ...more

Missing Child Remembered

It was a beautiful crisp spring day a dozen years ago, April 1999, when a young girl named Jolene Riendeau went to the corner store in her neighbourhood, just six blocks from her home in a busy corner of Montreal. Rene Riendeau had given his 10-year-old daughter permission and $2 to walk to the store. Twelve long, painful and exhausting years, hundreds of searches, calls and tips, and millions of posters later, police in Montreal announced yesterday that they have found Jolene's body. A heart-wrenching ending to a heartbreaking story. ...more
What a tragic ending.  I am glad they have found her and have someone in custody.  I can't image ...more

RIP Tori: Victoria Stafford's Remains Found

On July 15 Victoria Stafford would have turned nine years old. She should have had a party with cake and streamers. But that didn't happen for Tori Stafford. Instead, four days after her birth date her body was found by Ontario Provincial Police three and a half months after she went missing. Det. Insp. William Renton confirmed earlier today that the remains found over the weekend are Tori's. ...more

I've been watching the news daily for word that Tori's remains had been found and now that ...more

Where is Victoria Stafford?

Wednesday, April 8 was a fairly normal day. People in Woodstock, Ontario got up, sent their kids to school, and went about their business much the same way they did the day before. That evening the town was turned on its head as it started searching for eight-year-old Victoria "Tori" Stafford, who did not come from school that day. Video surveillance cameras outside the school captured her talking to and leaving with a woman in a puffy white jacket. She hasn't been seen since. ...more

I am glad you are talking about this issue in this forum.  Maybe someone will find her as a ...more

Have you seen Caylee Anthony??

If you have been watching the news, you know the odd and bizarre case of missing Caylee Anthony. No matter the circumstances or who is to blame, a little precious gift from God is missing!! Please pass this along and let's bring her home!! (there is also a link below to her "missing" poster you can print and pass along as well!) My mother's heart is aching for this sweet little one right now!CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY ...more