A Child Was Missing In My Town

Bellonheels.com I am a parent. Since you know that fact then you must know where to find my Achilles Tendon. My soft spot. The very thing that makes me feel the most vulnerable. My children. They are my heart after all.My children were all safe at home last night. Yet for one family in my town, that was not the case. Their son was missing. A little boy, whom I personally didn't even know, was missing. And I was absolutely terrified....more

Suspect in Jail in Etan Patz Case 33 Years After His Disappearance

Today is National Missing Child's Day. It's also the 33-year anniversary of the day Etan Patz went missing as he walked to school by himself for the first time. This May 25 dawns differently than in years past, because a suspect is now in custody for the disappearance and murder of Etan Patz, having confessed to the horrific crime that changed how we dealt with missing children in the United States. Pedro Hernandez is now in custody, awaiting arraignment this morning. ...more
There is a great group called Kidpower.org that teaches personal safety and empowers kids to ...more

Last Seen Wearing Green

The biggest fear I have as an officer is being called to the scene of a missing child. It puts dread in my heart and a sick feeling in my stomach. It’s not just small children, I had a case of a sixteen year old boy who was thought to be a runaway but had been murdered. There was nothing I could have done because his death happened before we were told he was missing. The case will haunt me forever. His mother and I hug when we see each other....more
 @nellewrites I agree and I some times feel I watch little kids in a crown closer than their ...more

Out Of The Blue

I got the mail out of the mailbox when I got home yesterday, and began sifting through the junk mail right away. I've found that if I don't sort over the trash can first thing, I get a built-up pile of catalogs, flyers and assorted envelopes that looks like the leaning tower of Pisa on my countertop. So I stood over the trash can, ripping up credit card offers and sorting through local coupons, and I almost threw away an offer for a carpet cleaning service. I actually need to use that in the near future, so I picked it off the top of the trash pile, and noticed that the reverse side of it had one of those missing kids ads. I always try to give those a glance. You never know, right? No, you never know. ...more

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Justice for Caylee: Is That Why So Many Are Pointing At Lisa Irwin's Parents?

The news over the weekend that cadaver dogs found a hit in the home of missing baby Lisa Irwin’s parents pushed me over the edge. I felt physically ill for a few moments as I allowed myself to go “there,” a specific place I had been avoiding throughout the duration of this heartbreaking case. I pulled myself together quickly, not wanting to stay “there” for too long. I shook my head and reminded myself of the very few facts we know for certain. ...more
Facts matter. I get queasy with all the judgements tossed about absent facts. People take a few ...more

Missing Child Remembered

It was a beautiful crisp spring day a dozen years ago, April 1999, when a young girl named Jolene Riendeau went to the corner store in her neighbourhood, just six blocks from her home in a busy corner of Montreal. Rene Riendeau had given his 10-year-old daughter permission and $2 to walk to the store. Twelve long, painful and exhausting years, hundreds of searches, calls and tips, and millions of posters later, police in Montreal announced yesterday that they have found Jolene's body. A heart-wrenching ending to a heartbreaking story. ...more
What a tragic ending.  I am glad they have found her and have someone in custody.  I can't image ...more

AMBER Alerts Now Available on Facebook

I tend to think this is a good and logical idea, if not a terribly earth-shattering one. Plenty of folks are Facebook junkies, and the more eyeballs on Amber Alerts, the better. I, personally, don't spend all that much time on Facebook, and to be honest I don't spend all that much time out of the house, either, so I don't know how useful I could be when it comes to a missing child in my area, but that's just me. Having this service available to those who'd like to opt in makes sense to me. ...more

Write On,,, when there seems to be no use in it, when u think what good it;ll do,,,,,, just ...more

Lost Child at the Beach

A month or two after we started trying to conceive, Josh and I found a lost child at the beach. It was late afternoon though the beach was still crowded. A little boy came right up to our blanket, screaming, "mommy!", startled when he saw my face, and continued to run. A man was tentatively jogging behind the child and I asked if he knew the boy and when he said no, I instinctively jumped up too and started following too. ...more
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Man charged with murder of Victoria Stafford

It was announced today that two individuals in Woodstock, Ontario were charged in the disappearance of Victoria Stafford. Michael Thomas Rafferty (29) was charged with the abduction of a child under the age of sixteen and first degree murder. Terri-Lynne McClintic (18) was charged with the abduction of a child under the age of sixteen and accessory after the fact to murder. As of this posting Tori Stafford's body has not been recovered. ...more

They are both in custody although the woman has been trying to help the police locate Tori's ...more