Home from another semester in Africa

We are back from another semester teaching in a Tanzanian seminary in East Africa. No way to do blog posts from there. I taught Bible and American History, Life and Culture. Wonderful, eager students. I preached in villages and went to a village parish most Sundays. I loved it. The color, the drumming and dancing in worship, the people.  I encouraged twelve step recovery for a family member of an alcoholic. It is good to be one of a very few white people in an African culture. Changes the dynamic of race. Eternal summer. Africa rules!...more

How to Write Vision and Mission Statements

Vision and mission statements define your organization and set its direction. Because your vision and mission statements are the basis for your organization’s existence, its programs and services, and it goals and objectives, it is imperative to attentively construct and com-municate meaningful, motivational statements. Both statements should be short enough to memorize, yet informational and inspirational....more

My Mission Statement

Recently after reading a blog post over at Denise in Bloom coupled with the study I'm doing with a couple other help meets/bloggers through the Pro Blogger Book. I was inspired to write down my mission statement.Why did I create Simply Helping Him? What is my purpose? What are my goals? What am I here to share/teach?...more

Simple Saturday

I love to just write a simple post on Saturdays.....I hope you enjoy my random thoughts tooToday we are planning to go blueberry picking much of the morning.Tonight we will pick up the French Exchange Student that we are hosting for the next three weeks. I do not know any french. :/ If you would keep us in prayer as we begin this new adventure, I would greatly appreciate it! My prayer is that we will show God's love to her while she is here. My children are much younger (she is 15 and mine are 9 and 7), but I am looking forward to them learning about France and their ways!...more

What is Your Why and Who?

So you’ve determined that you want to be self-employed and that you’re cut out for the entrepreneurial journey. Now what? The decision to be your own boss can come with a big rush.  Like a YORK Peppermint Patties commercial of the days gone by.  That’s fine for a while (like maybe an evening of some fine cocktails), but then what do you do?  This is where business planning comes in. ...more

How Howard Schultz Managed To Enhance Starbucks´ Soul

Howard Schultz is everywhere now. At least from three reasons. Starbucks celebrated its 40th birthday on March 30th. Howard recently released his second book "Onward....more

A big day for a little spacecraft: @MESSENGER2011

It was St. Patrick’s Day, and the crowd of nearly 400 waited expectantly in the Kossiakoff auditorium at APL. Irish dancing music was piped into the auditorium as recorded interviews of Daniel O’Shaughnessy, Eric Finnegan, and Eric Calloway played on the giant screen, reviewing the six planetary gravity assists, the five deep space maneuvers, and the big idea to add solar sailing that arose as the spacecraft approached the first Mercury flyby....more

The 5 “M’s” Necessary for Entrepreneurial Women’s Success

Kathy CaprinoIn launching my new Breakthrough Vision Marketing division that offers women entrepreneurs, consultants, writers, and practitioners marketing support to achieve success in their ventures, I’ve discovered some telling statistics about the success entrepreneurial women have achieved thus far, and the challenges women continue to face in creating financial success in their endeavors....more

Blog For A Cause

  www.madebynikki.blogspot.com ...more

Misson and Promise

"There is a subtle difference between a mission and a promise.  A mission is something you strive to accomplish - a promise is something you are compelled to keep.  One is individual, the other is shared.  When a mission and a promise are one and the same....that's when mountains are moved and races are won."   -Hala Moddlemog, President and CEO, Susan G. Komen for the Cure ...more