A Rose is a Rose is a Rosebud

Elise SeyfriedRosebud.  What a lovely place name!  You might look at the name on a map of South Dakota and imagine miles of colorful flower gardens. You would be wrong....more

Mission Trip Update 1 (of many!)

Isn't God amazing?! This past year has rocked my world. I applied to come to Bethel School of Ministry here in beautiful Redding, CA on January 1. I got here from Nairobi, Kenya on September 2nd. Airfare, tuition, all fell into place. God is so good! I've been able to learn so much the past couple of months....more

Peace Sign

I remember the day but not the year (Was it ninety-five maybe?) when my husband brought home a newspaper article for me to read, an interview with a pedophile.            “I drove through neighborhoods in search of Little Tikes cars, bicycles with training wheels, tiny swimsuits hung on porch railings to dry.”            I was pretty sure he was trying to help but instead his words gorged the panic monster that lived close to me, maybe even...more

Never Say 'Never!' To Getting Involved

Sometimes, trying to convince oneself is not so convincing. Saying "Never!" to a situation may change that "Never!" into exactly what happens next. Whatever the timeline, this scenario will surely come your way. 'I will never be friends with her. I will never be a vegetarian. I will never work for someone I don't like.' Yeah, nice try.  One of my “never’s” was to not participate in overseas missionary type work. No, thanks. I will write you a check and yes, please put me on your prayer email thingy but I do enough here in my hometown - for my Church, Children, and Charities....more

Thank you so much for your comments.... its confirming to have others feel the same perspective, ...more


Here it is again  Your going Ginormous spans of time and distance  Echo in the gap between us How is it I am not mad with grief and fear? It’s because I was shot The last time you left on a jet plane I was shot to the heart   The meds Your arrival, your joy, your return They still run through me Like the waterfall you stood under Eternal it seemed Did you hear it? Over the age old rush Of hydrogen, oxygen, and gravity? “This is my dau...more