To be Anything at All

Still playing catch-up from my blog posts on Australia...originally posted February 22 at ...more

Baruch Atah Adonai

[At the risk of going melodramatic, if you’d like to know the inexpressible feelings of my soul while I was writing this, listen to this song as you read.]Thursday morning Abraham and Isaac – their trip of old, the sacrifice, the ram – were the last thing on my mind. The first thing on my mind was the 17 hour flight to the Philippines and how it was a mere four days away. On my way to CROSS training yesterday someone caught me in the hallway and asked to meet with me at 10:25 AM....more

Photo of the Week-1/3-1/10

 grismeily is shy, reserved and pierces your heart with a single stare. she is the youngest of four and the only girl....more

Girls Group 2 - Week 1

Meet my new girls!...more

The Great Country Reveal

It’s here! It’s time. The ANNOUNCEMENT. The big reveal! You already know I’m headed for Europe and in my last post, I promised to tell you when I was given 100%-amen-sure confirmation on the country I’ll be working in. Yesterday, Saturday evening, after playing days of phone tag, Joyce (my boss) and I talked. We caught each other up and then I asked that fateful question. Are we 100% sure now, on you-know-where? Yes! She said. Oh, yes!...more

Week 4

Last post, I wrote about my chance to ask my church family at Belfast U.M. church for support — prayer & financial — for my work with HOPE61. Well, the pastor there also pastors another nearby church, in Caneadea. He asked if I was interested in speaking there too! So Sunday I went to Caneadea’s service at 9:00 AM & then Belfast’s at 10:50. This was my first time officially presenting my ministry & I was quite nervous....more

A May Flower of a Day

Today was a May-flower. Late this morning it seemed like thunderstorms, but instead we got the classic puffy white clouds against dark blue skies. Oh yeah…and NO snow! After months of heavy snows, this is still a fabulous fact to note. Literature of the Holocaust requires a lot of reading (supposed to be around 6 to 8 hours a day) but I’m enjoying it. Tennis & Badminton…wellll if I were more coordinated, they’d probably be fun…unfortunately they just remind me that P.E. actually stands for “Physical Embarrassment.” At least it’s giving me 2 hours daily of exercise....more

Conflicting Desires

Chanting Verses

When I had to stop working full-time, I joined a comparative philosophy class (very convenient, same lecture and discussion three times a week and three units every week. Could be done on the same day all together or spread over a week. Pretty good arrangement, don’t you think for a person with chronic health problems?). I also spent time reading the scriptures of various religions with guidance from the men and women who are qualified to teach their subject and do so as part of their duties at the monasteries and missions....more

We're going to Nicaragua - Help us Revolutionize a Nation

Right now, Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere. It's a third world country, complete with shacks made out of trash and little-to-no infrastructure. So why would we relocate our family of four to a place like this? The short answer is to build a school in New Jerusalem, but it is so much more than that. So here's the vision... Take a child who is about 4 years old and put him in a Christian preschool. ...more