What's In a Name? For Mississippians, a Lot.

We did not learn about Ross Barnett in school. Somehow he slipped through the cracks of the semester-long class I took in high school on Mississippi history. I also was not introduced to who Ross Barnett was during the numerous trainings on the history of state government since I became a state employee. Instead, I stumbled across Barnett’s disgusting legacy due to my own curiosity. Having gone to the Ross Barnett Reservoir all my life for picnics and to watch my dad fish, one day I finally decided to Google its namesake. What I found was horrid....more

My Own Mississippi

I inherited my Mississippi from my mother at the age of 14.  My mother had been making a pilgrimage from Southern California to her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi since her childhood and now I was deemed old enough to join her. Being a teenager, I did not yet have the appreciation for the great state of Mississippi, but I did know that we had family roots in Mississippi and I wanted to meet my Southern relatives. ...more

Stop Anti-Choice Shenanigans With More Women

On Tuesday, Mississippi voters voted down the “Personhood Amendment” that could have outlawed abortion even to save the life of a mother. It even could have criminalized in vitro fertilization, some forms of contraception -- including IUDs, and even investigated women who suffered miscarriages. ...more

On Personhood and Schrödinger's Cat

On a beautiful July afternoon, nine years ago, we had a late lunch with friends who were visiting from Iowa. As I sat in that sidewalk cafe on Madison Avenue and sipped my cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, I contemplated the fact that I was pregnant....more


“BE ALL YOU CAN BE IN WHATEVER YOU DO” by Tracey Jackson   ...more

Country Cooking Month

June is Country Cooking Month and I grew up around a whole bunch of great country cooks in Mississippi. When I think about country cooking the first thing that comes to my mind is my grandmother and her sisters....more

And So It Goes (Alabama/Illinois)

It would be easy to post pictures of pretty spring flowers I have seen, and I'll get back to that. But right now, I don't think those pretty spring flowers are important at all. You'll have to wait for those. ...more

When the Wind Blows...

It was nearly 20 years ago my world was turned upside down when my second child was born, I had no clue the words Apgar scores would mean so much and that lead me to write the 3 part series the hardest thing. ...more

Haley Barbour to Free Scott Sisters: Beyond Race to the Bitter Aftertaste

Editor's update: A spokesperson for the Scott Sisters, Nancy Lockhart, announced tonight, Wednesday, January 5, that the Scott Sisters will be released from prison on Friday to start their lives on parole. By now you may have heard that on December 29, 2010, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, possibly a Republican contender for the presidency in 2012, has suspended indefinitely the life sentences of Jamie and Gladys Scott. You've probably also heard that Jamie Scott was on dialysis in prison and that a condition of her sister's release is Gladys must donate a kidney to Jamie as soon as possible by decree of Gov. Barbour. That condition is only one of many disturbing elements in the sisters' journey through hell to freedom. ...more

Here's video of Scott Sisters' press conference: Jamie's excited about cell phones, tech changes ...more

The Help, Thoughts from a Local

The other night at a 4th of July party, a guy found out I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and proceeded to tell me it was a, "hell hole." I got all hot under the collar, just the way Kathryn Stockett talks about in the author's note of her best-seller, The Help, and decided I needed to vent, just one more time....more

Thanks! I got all tingly when I saw I had a comment since it's my first foray into posting on ...more