The Scott Sisters of Mississippi: Social Justice Meets Social Media

If you should find yourself falsely accused and facing prison time or worse -- in prison serving time for a crime you did not commit or for a crime you committed but received an excessively harsh sentence -- you'll need a good attorney. Almost as much as an attorney, however, you may need social activists who understand social media to take up your cause. That's what the Gray-Haired Witnesses and other activist groups have done for two sisters, Gladys and Jamie Scott. They've taken up the cause of seeing the women freed from prison. ...more

That is the prosecutor's and sheriff's version of the facts in a county with a more

Update on Gulf Coast Wildlife Efforts: How to Clean an Oiled Pelican

While BP has begrudgingly agreed to a restitution account for those affected by the disaster, dolphins and brown pelicans do not -- at last check -- keep bank accounts. Despite heroic efforts, wildlife such as sea birds, dolphins, shrimp, oysters and Bluefin tuna may never be the same. Meanwhile, clean-up crews have reportedly been seen mistakenly trampling pelican nests, the toxic dispersants used to break up the oil have only made it easier for animals to ingest it, and there's been some heated debate among wildlife experts on whether all the cleaning and rehabilitation of wildlife does any good. ...more

Glad to help, even some small way.


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Why I Added MY Voice To The Color Of Change.Org...

Here we go again! ...more

Mississippi Youth Vote Triples

According to CIRCLE's numbers crunched from the exit polling data last night, young voters in Mississippi came out in outstanding numbers proving once again that if you build it, they will come. ...more

One More Katrina Post - This Time It's Personal

The bulk of my family lives in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, where Red Cross set up their headquarters during the Hurricane Katrina disaster recovery. (Founded in 1699, it was also the capital of French Louisiana.) When I visited for Christmas in 2005, as I do every year, my eyes could not believe the disastrous scene; my brain resisted processing the bizarre images. ...more


Wow, you really nailed it on the head with the 'iceberg/Titanic' comment. Truer words ...more