Drinking + Convertible = Clairvoyant

I was a late bloomer when it came to flirting with alcoholism.  Somehow, I managed to not have a drink until I was 21-- Blame it on the Baptist upbringing.  A couple years after college, two guys friends who had moved off to another town and become Presbyterians-- and thus fans of the booze-- came for a visit.I only had a few hours to spare because I had tickets to the midnight premier of X-Men Origins: Wolverine....more

I am an idiot, Issue 9: Resumes

As you may or may not know, I am trying to be a writer. Some would argue that because I write at all, I am already a writer. I’m not so sure about that, so we’ll call what I’m doing “trying” to be a writer. I am like a larva: newly hatched, wingless, and worm-like. I hope to one day become a pupa, because there are a lot of good jokes I could make with that name. ...more

Casual Sex: Nobody is Perfect

Everyone makes mistakes.  There are rules but it’s still easy to make mistakes.  If you let something slide you can still wind up in a pseudo-relationship.  Now you know the rules!  Sometimes it’s hard to follow them and when you start ignoring them you can easily find yourself in a situation that isn’t going to end well.  You’ll quickly find that you are more invested than you planned....more
You've described a very common situation and I think you did an awesome job. We so have to be ...more

Friday Donuts in the Kitchen

I started my blog in between jobs. This meant I was able to write about past jobs without worrying about repercussion. But a month ago I got a new job and well – that’s all I want to write about. However, on week one of my new job I told everyone about my wonderful blog. Well - so … um … now I really don’t think I should write anything inappropriate about my new job. ...more

stuck on me...and my charred flesh

So, sometimes I can be not too smart. I'll admit it, I make some really dumb moves sometimes. Sad, but true, it happens to the everybody once in a while.  Ya do something and right away you realize "I really should not have done that." I had one of these moments yesterday. Let me back up a bit. ...more