He takes me to another world when we are together. Someplace I’ve never been. It feels like we are the only two people in the world when we are together. Just the two of us; all alone sharing our love that has grown so strongly. He is mine and I am his. I love it when we are like this. This is how it is meant to be. Warm, wonderful, beautiful and enveloping. I get so overwhelmed when he is near I can barely contain my excitement. I want no one else but him. My heart pounds with nervousness and becomes so full of love when he comes around. I just can’t get enough of him....more

The Confrontation

Finally, her husband confessed. He'd been having an affair, as she suspected. With her best friend. She knew at that moment a confrontation was inevitable. What she didn't know is how the woman who had for so long been her foundation and confidante would respond. ...more

Thank you for your input & support. As many women who have worn these shoes know, it is a long ...more

'ARNOLD-HE LAID THE MAID' by Tracey Jackson

 "HE LAID THE MAID"by Tracey Jackson I woke up this morning to Glenn and Taylor yelling, “Arnold Schwarzenegger got the maid pregnant and had a kid by her!”  “Of course he did” was my response. The only surprising element to these types of stories is that they continually surprise people....more


Mary Harvey: Making Black History by Starting to Think Like a Man

Whatever the rights and wrongs of a relationship gone wrong, I feel no-one outside of any ...more

Would you tell??

I just found out that my boyfriend of 2 1/2 yrs (recently deployed overseas) has been cheating on me.  After a little digging, I've discovered over 20 other women that he's currently "in a relationship" with also.  He's told every one of us that we are the only one and making serious future plans.  I have contact information for them all.  My question is this...  Would you tell them that he's a liar and manipulating all of them at that same time?  This is not coming from vindictive place.  I find him sad actually.  What a life.  I just know ...more

I am a former Army girlfriend, and after staying faithful through an entire deployment with my ...more

Open Marriages-Are You Just Afraid They Will Cheat Anyway?

An Open Marriage is defined as: A marriage relationship where the husband and wife have no reservations about one another being sexually involved with other people. Which makes me raise my eyebrow and say hmmm…why is it even called a marriage then? Monique is the newest hot topic when it comes to open marriages....more

Perverted Feminism: Men Have To Have Mistresses

 Full Disclosure: I've never had a problem with prostitution.  If you can get paid for doing something, then more power to you....more

Get Ready to Talk About Sex: Introducing The BlogHer Bedroom Video Chat

Get ready to put sex on your day planners! BlogHer is launching a weekly video chat where I, your fearless misadventuress, will be discussing different topics relating to sex and relationships and answering your questions! ...more

Well every marriage is different and different rules apply. Sometime webcam chats and text chats ...more

The Proper Mistress

The day Jesse James' affair with Michelle McGee hit the news, I got a phone call from my father, who was uncharacteristically beside himself about the news. He adores Sandra Bullock, but his beef wasn't with James' audacity to cheat on the award-winning actress with perfect girl-next-door charm – it was with James' complete lack of judgment in choosing a proper mistress and executing a clean extramarital affair. ...more
This article saddens me.  As a clinical psychologist and sex therapist, I work with men and ...more