Vote For Your Choice Among The Presidential Candidates

Are you nervous about the Presidential election on November 6? Can't wait for it to be over so everyone can take a deep breath and stop fighting? In just a few days, we'll resolve one of the most contentious presidential campaigns I can recall in decades. This week, the BlogHer opinion poll gives our community the chance to do a practice vote before you go to the polls for the real thing....more
Everyone should get out and vote. Never let anyone tell you your vote doesn't count because of ...more

Not All Women Are One Issue Voters.- Beth Lindstrom @bethlindstrom

A couple of weeks ago, a few of us women flew to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend a rally at Marquette University with Ann Romney.   Ann was there for an event that attracted over 600 people.  The four of us used to work closely with Mitt Romney, Cindy Gillespie, former senior counsel to Governor Romney, Ellen Herzfelder, former Secretary of Environmental Affairs, Renee Fry, former Secretary of Economic Development and I (former Secretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation) were there to make the point that Governor Romney worked with many women in his adminis...more