Addicted to Fluff

I finished the foot on baby's stocking (yey!), which means I have a lot of scary finishing work ahead of me.  Since I haven't quite gotten myself in the mood for hours of duplicate stitching, I decided to start on a quick little project for my wintertime girl....more
Oh those are adorable.more

Stay Warm :: A Kid's Fingerless Mitten Knitting Pattern

The 'Stay Warm' mittens are perfect hand warmers for kids on cool autumn mornings! Knit these fingerless mitts in an evening, using scraps or a bit of  favorite yarn....more
Go for it!! They are very simple once you get the hang o fthe dpns.. which I never really enjoy LOLmore

socks, and shoes, and mittens, oh my

When will someone invent socks and shoes that stay on toddlers? Or mittens that can be put on without reducing both parent and three year old to tears?From last spring:I leave the house for preschool pick up with N & S, both have socks on their feet and no shoes.I arrive at preschool and S has socks on hands. I collect H.I arrive back at the end of our street to meet the elementary school bus and S has socks back on feet. N has socks on hands....more

More Mittens From Vogue

I picked up the newest copy of Vogue Knitting yesterday. Now, normally this isn’t something I would do (vogue +northern redneck just aren’t two concepts you’d normally find together) , but the cover caught my eye. Mittens!! ...more