Life Through a Multiracial Lens

Since I finished reading The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, a few days ago, I have been filled with all kinds of thoughts and feelings about my own life. I took awhile for me to read the book in the first place – I was ambivalent and suspect that it would be too stereotyped for me to stomach.  I found myself thoroughly engrossed and deeply moved. ...more
I'm a white mom parenting a black daughter, and our very "Yankee" family just moved to the ...more

Multiracial Population Grows, Giving Birth to New Hapa Identity

From BlogHer   The author and her family, photo by Jocelyn Lai   When the results of the 2010 Census came in, the numbers of people identifying themselves as “Multiracial” grew by 50% from the 2000 Census, the first time that people could check more than one box for race.  It confirmed what I already suspected, having given birth to two of those multiracial individuals myself. ...more
I am so happy to see this topic going mainstream in the land that is "blogdom". My husband's ...more

No More a Twentysomething

So, it’s here at last. Thirty years ago today I entered this crazy, crazy world. A tiny little slip of a thing (yes, really – I was referred to as a “skinny little bat”!) I was born in the middle of a month that guaranteed me a lifetime of friends being too poor to celebrate with me, restaurants full of office parties and people giving me joint birthday/Christmas gifts....more

Private Club also known as Black America

For eight years I have knocked on Black America's door in hopes that someone would let me in. Instead, I keep getting a "thanks but no thanks" card in the mail. I have forged several meaningful friendships with women of color since I moved to America. However, I am disappointed with my interactions with most black people since I moved to America. I am disappointed in constantly having to justify and defend my blackness. realize now that I came here with extremely unrealistic expectations, that have influenced my reactions to these situations. I have sought community all my life. ...more

Mixed Families....Different but the Same

What a great weekend! Even though it's about to be Monday soon, at least I am comforted by the thoughts of a short work week, thanks to July 4th. Add that to my doctor's appt. on Thurs., and we are sittin' pretty with a 3.5 day work week! Yeah!! ...more

Blogging While Brown July 25-27, 2008 Atlanta, GA

I hadn't heard of this conference.  I won't be able to attend this year but have sent the ...more