Finding 'Home' in a Mixed Marriage

Ten years ago I would have bet my left lung that we would never  move to Nigeria. Sure my husband is Nigerian but we met in England and his whole family was here at the time. 'Home' was here and the idea of settling anywhere else just a nebulous reality.Perhaps that's the clincher though. When you marry someone who originates from somewhere else, the concept of 'home' represents different things to you and your partner and moving back always remains a possibility....more

My Kids are Half Japanese, Half Chinese, and 100% American

"So, how does it feel to be half Chinese and half Japanese?" I asked my kids one day.  My husband David is from Hong Kong, and I'm from ...more
hello there :-) I'm a japanese guy who is getting married to a chinese wife in the near future ...more

A mixed marriage - will it ever work?

 When my husband and I married 17 years ago, we had a lot of people mumbling in the background that it will never last, even people we thought were our friends had doubts.  My father in law disowned his son and his family were torn apart by our union.   I remember as a little girl, aunties whispering in the kitchen over a cup of tea that so and so’s marriage would never last.  The mixed marriage they were talking of was ...more

In my experience, living a life others design for us is an eventual recipe for disaster. Bravo ...more