Every Thursday for the last eight weeks I've packed up all my gear, loaded the car, and headed to my Mixed Media art class. Each week another technique is explored—some more successfuly than others. Over the weeks our class has thinned out— several people always drop out of classes. This week only three others showed up—six were no shows—several were sick, one was in Hawaii and two just opted out. ...more

Things Crafty Episode 1

Texturize Your Fabric

I do a lot of fabric collage, especially when it comes to my art purses. Instead of always going for plain old fabric, I'll construct my own from scraps or contrasting prints. Here's how I do it... For this specific design, I used black and white batik fabric, as well as colored batik. I cut the pieces into long strips and sewed them together, alternating the patterns. That wasn't all! I then sewed black yarn on the colored fabric, and maroon on the black and white....more

Collage Booklet

{Editor's note: I've always been inspired and uplifted by the whimsical illustrative art of Violette Clark. I came across her easy-to-make collage booklet and knew I had to share it with all of you. It combines paper, sewing, beads and lots of happy energy. Way to go, Violette! - Kathy }...more
@neekswrite Oh super! I love creating crafts that teens will enjoy! This one is kind of ...more


http://www.violette.ca/2011/02/07/collage-booklet-tutorial/ Violette Clarkwww.violette.caMy book is available: Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash your Inner Eccentric...more

Exercising my pencil.

I've been in the need of a little creativity lately to keep me occupied. So when I found the book Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun (Lab Series)...more

Mixed Media

Soothe And Cure Yourself By Studying Mixed Media...more


  I always have a hard time with this description and am not crazy about blatant self promotion.I am a painter and have been one all my life which is to say from the positive point of view that I never had to run around looking for what it all means...on the other hand being completely creative has enormous drawbacks.  I am very content to paint.  Not a social person at all. The job market is such that basic  business knowledge is essencial and some of life's basics are missing from my profile....more

Art and Design: Week in Review

This Monday marks my start as a Blogher Contributing Editor in the area of Art and Design. I'm very excited about this opportunity to highlight all the ways women are using their blogs not only as a visual medium but also as a place to illuminate the process of creating and sharing that work with the world. If you see something intriguing, creative or just plain beautiful when it comes to Art and Design, please feel free to pass your favorite links along. ...more

Thanks for these links. I'm going to be visiting your site as well as Indie/Pretty/Perfect quite ...more