More on My Mo-Mo Marriage

MattI have so much respect for Matt, my ex husband. His talent as a director of theatre is mind-blowing. His ability for reasoning and talking me through emotional situations is 2nd to none. He makes me cackle and guffaw. I must say, I feel lucky to have this man be such an intimate part of my life. I refer to myself as his #1 Bitch- not in the prison way, but the gay 'you are one of the most awesome people on my life' way.  It is a title of honor....more

Club Unicorn Made Us Both Miserable

Neither of us understood at the time that homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is at the very core of your essential being. It doesn't go away. And yes, during our marriage, we did have sex. It was mechanical. It felt wrong. It was like a chore. It was not intimate in any way. Oh, I had orgasms from time to time, especially once I hit my thirties. But I could also give myself orgasms, if you know what I'm sayin'. ...more
I am a gay women and I have been married to a man for the last 16 years. I do also carry on a ...more