Upcoming NFL season, can we please get some fantasy football

Ive recieved numerous text message's phone calls and emails from some contacts I have in the world of sports over the past week. Most have stated the lock out was going to either be over that nite or with in the week. Now these are people that I and allot of other people trust, probably a few of you do as well. Now Monday's blow up pushed a deal back but a deal is coming and will be done by July. So full training camp and 16 game season, that also means fantasy football is coming and work days are about to be filled with football googles and fantasy transactions....more

Listen Up Cubs Fans - Lou Piniella's Message

Lou Piniella had a message this morning and said it again today when interviewed after the Cubs won the NL Central with a win against the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. He simply said to remain calm, to not focus on the past and the heartbreaks, but this 2008 team that just won the division. And to remind us there is a long road ahead but just let this team play baseball.   ...more