MLK Day: How We Remember History

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Though many assume that the day our nation remembers him falls on his birthday, that isn't the case. He was born on January 15th. Which doesn't fall on a Monday every year, if you were wondering....more

It's MLK Day and I'm Angry

Yesterday I sat in a youth meeting with a group of adolescents whose lives are privileged because of the struggles that Martin Luther King and so many unknown heroes and sheroes fought to overcome.  They can attend any school they want.  Eat at any restaurant.  Live in any neighborhood.  Play on any sports team.  BE anything they want to be as long as they are willing to work hard and not give up.  The problem?  They don’t want to work period.  Forget about working hard!...more


Dreams Some are small, simple, compact. Some are large, like an all-encompassing explosion. Many are a longing to get the bills paid with some change left over. A few are humanitarian and reach out and beyond what the dreamer can see in his own corner of the world. I have a dream, and so do you, and you, and almost everyone. On this day we honor a dreamer most wonderful famous far-reaching assassinated. On this day, let us also honor all dreams and dreamers who aspire for nothing more and nothing less then to better the state of the human condition. ...more