Let’s play TERA!

I’m a big fan of the MMORPG, as you may have already read so in my previous post where I explain how supremely drawn I am to this type of games (French version only, sorry!). I happen to try new games from time to time or to get back to some I used to play a while ago. This is also the case of TERA that I would like to introduce you to today. Grab your keyboards, let the adventure begin!...more

My Little Golem: Build-A-Bear is Magic

Author's note: I appologize for the delay, but I have edited this work so that it does not have the initial, abrupt ending. My apollogies for not posting the edited work first. Much love- Sam...more

Play Free MMORPG Games like Runescape

There has been an increased amount of free online MMORPGS games like runescape games released in the last several years especially when it comes to the PC market. It used to be hard and costly to get a role playing game that was worth playing. However, with the increased popularity of these types of video games you can get a wide variety to choose from ranging from paid or Free MMORPG....more

Teaching kids about money: toss Monopoly, tune into Project Runway, log on to MMORPGs

When my kids were young, they loved to play Monopoly. Whenever they'd visit their grandparents, the 1950s version of the board game came out of the closet. They'd be entertained for hours (much to my pleasure). My mom and dad loved to play the game and my kids learned some good lessons about how to win and lose. As for teaching them about money, the economy, the marketplace, it gave them all the wrong ideas. I will concede that Monopoly can teach kids some of the mechanics of money like how to count or how property is treated as an asset. But as an economic idea, it's time is long gone. ...more

I think you make some very solid points in this entry especially that the rules are changing ...more