Are You a Juicer?

Two years ago, I attended a comedy show where one of the performers devoted a large part of his act to his penchant for finding electrical outlets out in public from which he could charge his cell phone. I didn't think much of it at the time, just thought maybe he played a little too much Farmville or texted excessively. Maybe he was homeless. Who knew?I didn't think much of this last year, either. I mean, I did see tables with electrical outlets in public places. I assumed they were for people on the go who wanted to use their laptops, which made sense. I let it go....more
@Deb Rox (I am assuming you get the reference here...)more

How the Proliferation of Mobile Devices is Impacting Consumer Security

Mobile technology is the new frontier for fraudsters....more

Securing Your Mobile in Public Places

What would cause you more grief: your wallet being lost or stolen, or your mobile phone? I’ve read studies that showed that more people would be at a loss without their mobile device. This makes sense for a number of reasons. Your wallet itself might cost 20 bucks and the cards and IDs are free to under $50 to replace. If you have cash, well, that’s a direct loss.But a mobile phone can cost as much as of $800 and has all your contacts and, in many cases, personal information and access to all your critical accounts such as banking and social media....more

Avoid Risky Web Searching on a Mobile Device

The mobile web can be a minefield of malicious links luring you to click so bad guys can infect your device. Search engines do their best to filter out these sites, but nefarious criminals have found ways to get their scammy pages to the top of search results through a process called black hat search engine optimization....more

How do I protect mobile devices while traveling?

Traveling for business or pleasure can be hectic, unnerving, and often draining. It’s not uncommon to hear somebody say I need a vacation after returning from theirvacation. When traveling, the last thing you need to worry about ishaving your critical possessions ripped off.So here are some things to consider:Airplanes: Always keep your mobile device with you when you go to the bathroom or stretch your legs. Clip it to your belt or slip it into a pocket when you are napping. Never put it in the overhead compartment!...more

I’ll Have an App with That

Cash may be king—but not if you like free coffee and sandwiches from Starbucks. Today, if you want rewards, points, discounts or anything free, mobile payment is the way to go. My dad is a perfect example of how and why this is. Here’s a guy who held out on using a smartphone until 2013. For years, he’d pay cash for his Starbucks coffee and religiously hand over his card to the barista for another credit toward that next free cup. Then, the baristas started to veer to clients to using their Starbucks app, with promises of more discounts and free stuff....more

Why are Cybercriminals Moving from PCs to Mobile Devices?

The number of households in the United States that rely solely on mobile phones continues to increase. As of July 2011, 31% of households had mobile phones and no landlines. Additionally, almost one in six households used mobile phones exclusively or almost exclusively, despite still having a landline.This is the first time that adults (of any age range) have been more likely to go without landlines. Most likely, in one to two decades, the landline will be as obsolete as the rotary phone is today....more

Don't Let Mobile Blog Reading Stop You From Commenting

While mobile devices have made reading blogs easier now that we can access sites any time and any place, they've concurrently made commenting more difficult. Yet commenting is what builds community, makes blogging a conversation, and gives the author valuable feedback and support. Successful Blogging once thought that she would stop commenting, but she walks readers through her evolution from seeing commenting as somewhat of a waste of time to an absolute necessity. ...more
I only leave a comment if what I am about to say is significant to the post. I find it annoying ...more

More Than 30% of People Don’t Password Protect Their Mobile Devices

Are you guilty as charged?Whenever I bring this up in a group setting, it astonishes me how many people raise their hands. I wonder if they realize that they are putting all the personal information contained on their mobile device at risk. The unfortunate reality is that everyone loses things, and our devices can get stolen. And when that happens to your smartphone or tablet, it can be devastating....more

Maximizing the Use and Efficiency of Your Mobile Device

Time isn’t just money. Time is what you spend with your family, on a vacation or watching a kid’s dance recital. Time can be gained or lost based on how efficiently or inefficiently you use and implement mobile technology.First and foremost, your mobile phone is a communication tool. It should be set up to access and communicate with everyone in your life that you depend on and who depends on you....more