Tiny Trees by Whispering Gibbon: A small company who have big ideas

An independent games company called Whispering Gibbon are soon to bring out a visually rich and aesthetically pleasing mobile app in which users cultivate and grow their very own Bonsai tree.I’ve been chatting with the guys at Whispering Gibbon, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and I’m really excited about what they are doing and definitely thought it blog worthy!...more

Angry Birds is Coming to Facebook

Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. That's correct, my social media gaming friends. Achieve any extraneous life goals while you can. Pack a lunch and kiss your loved ones goodbye, because the scarily addictive little game of battling pigs and birds (who invented this and can I have some please?) is jumping off of your mobile device and onto your desktop. ...more

I splurged and got the Mac version from the App store. Now I not only play it on my iPhone but I ...more