Mocktails and Meringues: A Sweet Sixteen Party

Turning sixteen is a magical thing. It's a strange, almost enchanting time when you straddle the threshold of the fairy tales that belonged to your childhood and the enormous, exciting, utterly terrifying possibilities that lay ahead in your future. One of our friends has a daughter who just celebrated her sweet sixteen, and I was delighted to be able to help with the party planning. I went for pretty. Lots of florals and pastels, sweet and blooming with botanicals....more

Citrus Spritzer

This summer satisfy your thirsty guests with a big pitcher of Citrus Spritzer and I bet they will keep on asking you for recipe. This drink is so refreshing as it has juices of all citrus fruits and so easy to prepare, just mixing and stirring that’s it and drink is ready.

Cotton Candy Cooler

I am guessing I am not the only parent to have this experience. You take your kid(s) to the fair (carnival, beach, amusement park, etc.), you are wandering around taking in the sights and having fun - then WHAM! They see it. The sickeningly sweet brightly colored spun sugar stuffed into bags dangling from snack booths everywhere you look."Can I have some cotton candy? PUH-leeeeeeeease."...more

Cocktails to Mix for Summertime Fun

Summer is, for apparent reasons, my favorite time of year. Lounging at the beach with your friends on a sunny Saturday, baseball games and barbecues on Sundays … it doesn’t get much better. Oh, wait, yes … yes, it does. Raise your glasses, because summer is also the season for wonderfully sugary and fruity alcoholic drinks. Here are some ideas for your summer imbibing. ...more

Beverly Mills

Co-author of Desperation Dinners

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Cocktails With a Touch of Spring Fever

I always had some idea that cocktails were seasonal. Manhattans always seemed wintry to me, while mojitos and gin and tonics seemed much more appropriate for sipping on a patio in warmer weather. But I've come to learn how lovely it can be to pair a beverage with the season, to use seasonal ingredients to make cocktails and mocktails that go perfectly with the time of year. Now that we're firmly nestled into Spring, here are some ideas for drinks that go along with flowering trees, new grass and temperatures that fluctuate from balmy to chilly, sometimes all in the same day. ...more


I can totally get how you would associate that piney smell with Christmas trees -- ...more

Holiday Cocktails to Cheer Any Party

Last week, while planning her tree-trimming party for the weekend, a coworker stopped by my office. "I need some ideas for cocktails to serve at the party," she said. "Something festive, but easy."...more

You're absolutely right!

--- Genie, The ...more