How to get to SF -- let me count the ways

For most of us living in Silicon Valley, San Francisco is "just a drive away". I used to think nothing of heading up to the city for a night out or to catch a weekend festival. With today's gas prices, we've begun to pause and think twice about making the drive up. For this week's BlogHer conference, I looked at 3 options for getting there: ...more

we're going to have so much fun bonggamom!

there are also 100 satelite radio channels, ...more

we're eco-friendly carpooling in a hybrid!

we're so thrilled + grateful to gm + blogher for sponsoring our carpool team with an eco-friendly 2008 hybrid malibu! a top 10 car of the year! we're "greening" blogher! team mod*mom is me kristen from mod*mom at + ana from finding bonggamom at + kim at tippytoes and tantrums at ...more

I can't wait to meet you and I'm so glad you'll be at the conference this year!