4 Things you should know before becoming a model.

Image courtesy of ukmodels.co.ukA model's life is not easy, but for people that love the fashion world, it doesn't result as tough as all of us think. Can you imagine having a day in the life of a fashion model? Of course there's much more beyond the glitz, glamour and the runway shows....more

Less Photoshop is a Start, How About More Diversity?

An initiative against unrealistic Photoshopped images of models is a good thing, right? Launched by former Hollywood talent agent and LiveNation head Seth Matlins and his wife, Eva Matlins, The Self-Esteem Act would require magazines, movie posters, advertisements to disclose when photographs of models have been significantly altered. It’s a good start, but it’s not enough. ...more
Hear hear on the photoshop ! I've been posting photos from the book I'm writing on my judo blog ...more