HTC and Jourdan Dunn Launch Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK at ME London

Last night, HTC, a global leader in innovation and design, and worldwide fashion icon and supermodel, Jourdan Dunn co-hosted the launch for the new Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK at the ME London....more

Anthropologie is Missing the Boat

I love retailer Anthroplogie. I love their look, I love their clothes, I love their photography. What I don't love is the blatant ageism of their latest "lookbook." Their current Fall campaign includes a "November lookbook" that appears to have been shot in Ireland or surrounds....more
Wow, too bad. Anthropologie could really reach to a new market of buyers. Thanks for sharing! ...more

Naomi Campbell On Watch What Happens Live!

 It not always about the fun & gales of merriment following these celebrity “No she didn’t” moments  at the clara54 “T” blog.  So, before we get to Naomi Campbell calling out so...more

Top Models and Crush Videos-Really?

Why would the advertisers for New Zealand's Next Top Model show think it wise to conjure up crush video images to appeal to a youth market? Among other things, the ad features a model in a sexy red high heeled shoe stepping on a white bleating lamb. Notwithstanding that the lamb is a toy and that I would defend to the death the protections of the right of free speech, I have to wonder what it means, and why hurting an animal is the new image of choice to suggest beauty and power. ...more

Do smoking women look sexier?

Winona Ryder, Mira Sorvino, Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman smoke much more on the big screen than people do in real life, a study had claimed some time back, calling them dangerous role models for young women....more

The Whys and Hows of Corporate Coaching

Why I love Mo’Nique.

I recently attended a taping of BET’s The Mo’Nique Show.  You know Mo’Nique that won an Oscar for the movie Precious....more


HOW NOT TO COLLAPSE DURING FASHION WEEK By kellonearth_bechicmagIf you watched Kell on Earth last night, then you saw a model collapse at the Genetic Denim presentation. Don't let that be you! On top of balancing a healthy diet and rest, I have the secret to staying energized when going from show-to-show during Fashion Week: Squeezing your gluteus maximus!...more

Beauty Talk: Photoshop Disclaimer, Pardon Moi?

It's not news that models in fashion mags are airbrushed, but it seems that the controversy and outrage over their digitally altered flawless skin and emaciated bodies won't go away....more

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British Top Model Series With Disabled Women Backfires Badly

I am no more likely to buy a size double zero skirt from a girl with all four limbs or a chick with none. ...more