Introducing Zoe Artemis

Writing about the Divine Feminine caused me to think of a special person I knew in upstate New York.She was a dancer, a writer a teacher and mentor. She was a very unusual woman. She was spiritual and, at times, didn't seem of this world. And yet her basic information on her FaceBook page was down to earth while stating:...more
Thank you so much for writing this; a very fitting tribute to an amazing person.  I can still ...more

Dance of the Divine Feminine

#3 in a series#1 Gathered Daughters#2 Neoclassic Bosoms I love surprises. Especially ones that change my perspective.Sometimes I'm turned upside down from what I thought before. This happened to me at the beginning of March this year....more
 @Lucy's Reality Hi, Lucy! I didn't know much about her either until the last month when ...more