pioneer daydreams

I often daydream that someone from the pioneer days transported through time and landing in our modern culture.   One random Tuesday, they were strapped to the plow, or making hotcakes, or shucking peas, and the very next minute they are sitting in the front seat of my Chevrolet Tahoe, next to gum wrappers and sippy cups, confused and bewildered that we are whizzing down a paved road at sixty miles an hour. ...more

Practice Creating A Hyperlink

In my mid-twenties, I decided to become a vegetarian. My ex-husband had gone fishing, and he when he got home, he put the two fish he caught in the sink. I presume he brought them home in a bucket of water, because they were still alive. They began flapping and thrashing around in the sink. I didn't watch, so I don't know if he slit them open while they were still alive. Knowing my ex, he just might've done that. I refused to cook them, nor did I want to eat them. The vision and sound of their flapping in the sink stayed with me. I decided then and there I would never again eat an animal. ...more