Donald Trump, Perverted Men, and Me

Donald Trump, Perverted Men, and MeFrom my earliest recollection, I have always wanted to keep my body covered. It was instinctual. A little voice inside my head kept me in the modest zone. It was revolting to me - even before I knew about sex - that a man might look at my body and objectify it. The thought of a man looking at me in a sexual way made me want to vomit. It still does. With the passing of time, I have had little blips of memories of certain times in my childhood. But like the sun trying to peek out from behind the clouds, the memories are never fully exposed....more

Modesty: Revisited

Modesty is a touchy subject these days. ...more

Our Parents Suffered Too: Thoughts on Modesty, Purity, and the Culture That Shaped Us

We were extreme. We kissed dating goodbye and fell in love with courtship. We swung the pendulum so far in one direction that we forgot what the middle ground was like. So what is happening next? We swing it the opposite way. We hear the words---.modesty.purity.courtship.---even homeschool---and we run.And then...we blame our parents....more

Why I Choose to Dress Modestly

Skinnies: Ross...more

Clothing: A Woman's Issue?

A prevalent topic in sermons and books for girls is modesty. "Ladies, don't wear shorts that are too short.  Don't wear shirts that come down too low or fit you too tightly.  Be very careful not to tempt boys.  We want to guard their hearts."  And these are usually very good things to teach young girls who are beginning to discover the beauty that God has placed in their physical bodies.  It's a good thing to remind women of all ages.  However, modesty is usually the extent of our Christian discussions about clothes....more

Common Sense and Respect vs. Blame and Shame

When my daughter came out to talk to me the other day, she was angry. Not just a little perturbed, not miffed, she was so livid I instinctively reached for the fire extinguisher....more

On modesty and Christian culture

I’m going to open this post with a description of a scene from Mistresses.  Not too long ago an episode aired that featured a moment where Joss--one of the series' main characters--was is in an elevator along with a woman and her son.  The son--a boy of about 10--was staring. Joss was wearing one of her infamous short skirts. The mother decided to make a comment.Mother: Get a longer skirt.Joss: Get a taller child....more

Modest, adj./Modesty, n.

There has been so much discussion among Christian circles lately about modesty, and Mormon circles have been no exception.  Actually, here’s a funny story about that: One of the hot topics of late has been Jessica Rey’s anti-bikini video (otherwise known as the video is which she promotes her own swimwear line), which many of my Mormon friends have shared on facebook.  But the irony is that by traditional, cultural Mormon standards the outfit that Jessica Rey is wearing in that video is...more

Filter? What Filter?!

There comes a time in every parent's life when one realizes they've completely lost any trace of modesty they may have ever had. For me, that happened back during my first pregnancy, when several bescrubbed individuals, peering under a sheet at the end of a stretcher, became a mundane occurrence.I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my immodesty when I was pregnant with twins, or after I was filleted like a flounder, or when I had to have a nurse assist me with placing my newborn twins on my - well, never mind......more

FAQs About Thrifting

 Blogs have made thrifting  (and the term) popular and trendy. You can’t go two clicks without someone boasting about their thrifted treasures (yes, I include myself in that group)....more