Sharing a Secret Shame

It was a calm afternoon. An old friend, I'll call her Angela, had stopped by for the afternoon for brunch and coffee. We nibbled healthy foods and joked about weight loss. It is part of our usual inventory of topics. Although we live too far apart to get together often, we do seem to be able to hit a regular and familiar groove after over 25 years of friendship. This time, I had a special insight about occasions of over-eating that I wanted to share with her. But it was not an easy story to tell....more
Oh I so related to your blog post. I was sexually abused as a child and know exactly what you ...more

The Children Are Back!

My memory was fractured in early childhood. I have always been able to recall with great clarity the house and neighborhood in which I grew up. We moved in when I was four and live there until the summer after I turned seventeen. To this day I can close my eyes and take a detailed tour through our two-story home and up and down the street. However, until recently no people animated this inner playback. No parents, no siblings, no one –and our block was filled with children I played with as a child....more

New TSA Screening Nude-O-Scope and Pat Downs- Who really hates it?

Other than myself hating the new TSA scanning and pat downs, I didn't know who really hated the new screening process. The last two days, I set out to find out....more

Also, I learned that the screening procedures mean absolutely nothing for inbound flights from ...more

For Victims Of Molestation

It Is Father's Day - But Dad Was Abusive

Many women find themselves in a difficult position on Father's Day. For many of us who have had abusive fathers -- and I am one who shares that misfortune -- Father's Day raises issues and forces some potentially tough decisions. There is one guideline to remember here -- when it comes time to decide what you plan to do on Father's Day, your comfort and well-being come first. This is not up for debate. Read it again. Your comfort and safety come first. ...more
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Dirty Little Secrets - Part 5, "Shame", Part 6, "Restoration" & Part 7, "Your Story"

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Dirty Little Secrets - Part 3, "My Response" & Part 4, "Confronting The God Of The Universe"

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Dirty Little Secrets - Part 1, "The Closet" & Part 2, "Abuse"

I have to admit that this is a huge deal for me to speak up on uncomfortable topics. You feel weird reading it. I feel weird writing it. I don’t mind speaking on things that don’t pertain to me, but when the very things I am talking about come from the deepest, darkest parts of my heart…I freeze. It’s as if I’m having that dream where you’re surrounded by people and they’re all staring at you. Some are pointing and snickering. Suddenly you realize you’re naked. Then - BAM! - You wake up. If you’re like me, you breathe a sigh of relief just to know it was only a dream....more

Tips for Protecting Your Child From Sexual Abuse

Breezy Mama Elizabeth and I recently applied to become volunteers at our local YMCA. In order for our applications to be accepted, we had to take an on-line course that covered protecting kids from sexual abuse. After completing four 15-20 minute “modules” on-line, we – two mothers of three – were TRAUMATIZED!...more

The Catholic Church Continues to Ignore the Issues: Earthquake Devestation of Haiti 2010

    High in the "Ivory Tower" on Wednesday, Pope Benedict commanded immediate orders that the Roman Catholic Church Charity Network assist in the aide of those suffering from the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti.     Today, I woke up struggling to make it to Church on time. My car, as always had a little trouble starting. After driving around the block for 10 minutes I decided she would make it to Church....more