Oprah pledges to make her car a no phone zone, will you?

On Friday I was listening to the Oprah show, when she started talking about making her car, and every car in America, a no phone zone. That means (depending on your level of participation), no texting, only hands-free use, or just plain not using your phone while driving. Then she had her hands free to autograph a Chrysler… ...more


Downsizing Supermom

Have you noticed the Mom Mania that's been going around the past few years? People and brand identities centered around the concept of mom, mama, or motherhood?...more

Hot Buttered Cobra-On-The-Cob

the best gift ever for babies and tots at babyceesnameart.comCees Beyond The Zees:  Hot Buttered Cobra-on-the-Cob...more

Lady Gaga is a Car Pool Mom

This appeared on angels&urchinsblog as Lady Gaga is a School Run Mum. A school run mum is a mother you might share a car pool with. Though I haven't yet got lucky enough to share a pool with Gaga, I live in hope! ...more

Mommas Pearls

Pearl of the day: Pass down, re-purpose and pass on*We gather our strength by learning from others.*When my sister was asked to draw a picture of her family in elementary school she drew my mother in a prim and proper dress with a beautiful white pearls around her neck. ...more

How to Stick to a Schedule, when you're a BUSY Mom!!!

 Lately, I've gotten several emails about putting your babies on a schedule like Brayden is. I thought it might be best if I answered you in a post in case anyone else was interested. I'm by no means an expert - this is just what worked for us and for Brayden. All babies are different and what works for B is just what works for B.I'm a stay at home mom....more

Working Mom No More?

For 9 of my eldest son’s 12 years I was a single mom. I always worked full time, often working two jobs at once, and never dreamt I would one day be able to collect a check just sitting at my home computer all day in my pajamas. But, thanks to my own hard work, willingness to drop my secure day job in order to chase a dream, and the faithful support of my then boyfriend (now husband), it actually happened. It started small and grew into a thriving web design business where I could make my own hours and enjoy time with my family: my version of heaven....more