Is It Okay If Your Child Fears You?

Fear is not the first feeling I want to elicit from my children when I see them in the morning. Fear is not how most mothers want their kids to say they feel about them. But fear is a natural byproduct of the parent-child dynamic, no matter how hard we try to rid ourselves of it. ...more
I raised three children, all in their thirties and all fantastic people. I did not hit. I did ...more

The Bus

The bus pulls up in front of our house everyday, well every school day, to be precise. As soon as Cooper sees it rolling up he is out the door at full speed. Off he goes…back pack on, lunchbox in hand, flailing and flapping…with a galloping, running skip he propels himself toward the bus.I stand there watching…calling after him to “walk!”…while inwardly willing the bus driver to open the doors before he gets there….I just keep saying over and over again in my head, “open the doors…open the doors…open the doors”....more

Snow Day Cabin Fever

It's snowing again.  How pretty.  (I hope you read that with a lot of sarcasm).The Northeast has gotten more than it’s fair share of snow this winter.  The falling snow is beautiful in December, but by this point in the winter, everyone is ready for the snow to stop.  We’ve had at least eight school snow days this year.  The first couple were fun.  After that, not so much....more

4 Things I’ve Learned by Being a MOM

Parenting doesn’t come with instructions. It is scary at times and worrisome, as we don’t always know if we are doing it right. We struggle to understand what a baby means every time she cries. As she grows up, we struggle to understand why she eats certain foods and not others, why she prefers certain people to others. We struggle to understand why she does better at certain subjects in school and not others, and why she really likes this boy who, in our opinion, doesn’t deserve our little princess. We also struggle to understand why she rolls her eyes every time we have something to say....more

Crushing my Mom Doubt with Some Tea and Buddha

I’ve always felt pretty confident about the decisions I make as a parent — until recently as I try to navigate the hormones of two nearly ten-year old girls. In order to get through these trying days I’ve used a combination of the Serenity prayer, girl friend support, parenting books and Kendall Jackson chardonnay.But deeper than my exhaustion from the fights, exasperated comments, and eye-rolls, is the constant shadow of self-doubt that is creeping into my world on a regular basis....more

You're Not Alone VIII

I’m not saying these are all about me. I’m just saying if you feel the same, or you have done it too, you’re not alone.You’re not alone if……when you try to use your DVD or TV, you have to say the steps OUT LOUD because there is a lot to do and it is very confusing.…you stop in the middle of exercising to get a snack....more

The Perfect Mom

The mother of today is supposed to be a nonstop nurturer that lives and breathes the happiness of her children, involve them in a plethora of extracurricular activities and chauffeur them back and forth to said activities, keep her home flawlessly clean, look ageless and refreshed, all the while presenting a relaxed and satisfied image to her family, friends, and community. And if you believe everything that you read on Facebook, or see out in public, the world is bursting at its seams with Perfect Mothers....more

I've Been a Mom for 10 Years

I've had a hard time sleeping for a few nights.  Go figure....but something occurred to me, in my "no shutdown brain":I have been a mom for 10 years.10 years.  10.  5+5.  Double digits.  10.10 years - 3 years a mother of 1 and next 7 years a mother of 2 redheaded boys....more

Mom's "Diagnosis"

I often joke that,"Mom and I were inseparable for the first nine months--then we went our separate ways." She'd drift in and out of my life from time to time but she was never more than a familiar stranger to me. She'd given me to her mother to raise because I was 'in the way' and has always contended that I 'got the life she would've gotten' had I not come along.  Now that Mom is in her late seventies, she has decided I'm to take care of her simply because I'm 'her daughter.' I do not trust her....more