Soundtrack of My Life

I never sing around the house. Oh, sure, when the kids were babies I would warble the odd tune but as soon as they were out of diapers the concert was over. I don’t hum, either, so unless I am yapping (which is admittedly often), I am silent. And I’ve often wondered why. But then I remember my mom, and it all comes clear....more

Strut that Clearance Wear, Working Mom

Elizabeth Doren ...more

Play Doesn't Need a Power Cord

I posted earlier on about loving the park. The most obvious reason wasn’t included. It’s a park acts as a stage for children to use their imagination. I recently turned 30. I’m part of the grayed millenial generation. I was the test group for Facebook. I had a MySpace page. When I was growing up, the Internet was used for the online version of Encyclopedia Britanica. We researched at the library and eventually “You Have Mail” dinged on our AOL accounts. ...more

Calm Down, People - It's Just a Trailer Park

My daughter has invited a new friend over, and I see the confusion on the mother’s face as she pulls up in a well-maintained SUV with her child. She alternates glances between her iPhone and the black numerals on the front of my home a few times, as if Google Maps has mistakenly directed her to a different home that happens to have the exact same address as mine....more
Wow, wow, wow! Some people are just... I've always taught my son that it's never about the size ...more

The Mom Handbook

Mom's Day is approaching and I'm still feeling some guilt.I have been a Mom for a lot of years. Whether I wanted to or had no other reference points, I adopted the universal beliefs that were handed to me. Decades before the web was easily accessible, we learned about motherhood through word of mouth and action.Like many of my generation, we did what our mother's did, because that's the way we were raised. Polite and not ...more

I'm not like her, am I?

Noticing the changes that occur in all of us as we grow older is chilling. It’s a reminder that this life is not forever. It can also give a subtle reminder to enjoy each day as though it were our last....more

A Humble Introduction to the Cliff Notes of Parenting

 Well, let me get started and tell you my goals here. I bought the book Love and Logic for Early Childhood. I read the first three chapters probably five separate times and the book did a great job collecting dust on my nightstand. It wasn't until my then 11 month old baby girl began using the book as a teething toy that I remembered AGAIN I should read it.   ...more