Happy Halloween - 25 Things That Scare Me As A Mom

In honor of Halloween I'd like to share a list of 25 things that scare me now that I'm an adult!  Boo!1.  Permanent Markers.  They were fun when they weren't used on wood, wool rugs, painted walls and flesh. ...more

Bye-Bye Baby (Ectopic Pregnancy)


Stop With All the Llama Drama!

This is a shortened version of our post "Stop With All the Llama Drama!" that appears on our blog "Two Too Smart, Smartass Mommies". ...more

Mom's Gone Wild

I hit the big 4-0 this year. And like so many people who manage to avoid an early death, I’m taking stock of my life as I hit this milestone. In many ways, I’m doing fine—at least as fine as anyone trying to manage two kids, one husband, three pets, a busy career and a never-clean house can be. But like so many moms I know, I feel like I’ve kind of lost track of who I am, apart from my roles as wife and mom and career girl....more

Mommies, Purses, Tiaras and Gettin’ Sexy!

I’ve been noticing a very interesting trend on my site recently. It’s becoming really clear what moms are interested in ... and I’m so intrigued by it, that I wanted to share it with you!I write a blog called the Mommy MindSpa and I post each day with different suggestions of fun things moms can do to help them focus on themselves. I call it the Daily Mom-ME Moment ... and in it I encourage moms to take time each day to do something for themselves - to always remember that they are moms, but they’re also a ME....more

Kids OFF The Couch - Memorial Day Weekend 2011!

It's a sunny Monday is LaLaland, and hopefully it's the same where you are too - so get your BBQ prep done early (while the kids are studying for exams or finishing up their spring sports). We've had a chance to look at most of the new art shows around our town, so you can have the summer's cultural outings planned before June even begins....more

Mother's Day Gifts

In honor of Mother's Day -- a letter to my twins. http://bit.ly/m3Dgdu Happy Mother's Day! ...more

Spring Break + Keep Staycationers Busy = Kids Off The Couch

...And Movie Ticket Offer from Family Finds!...more